Espanol es fantastico!!!

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Night school began again last night and the numbers have diminished. Spanish 4 was attended by six people and 5 of us were together last year so it was a bit of a reunion.

Our teacher is lovely very young and a lot of fun.

We started and there were the usual embarrassed silences while our rusty brains started to work. Then it all came back (to me at least) and I found myself chatting again.

Trouble is I was getting asked loads after that and because I was cracking jokes in spanish I got the feeling ‘teach’ was picking on me – in the nicest possible way of course.

Still – its good to be back! I will let you know how it goes!

Hasta pronto amigos!!!

2 thoughts on “Espanol es fantastico!!!”

  1. You know, I really meant to join an evening class this autumn, but I left it and left it and now it’s too late. I should have continued with the silver jewellery making, but I’d got kind of stuck and disillusioned and was going to try conversational French. I haven’t studied French since I was at school, but on the basis that I still remember chunks of it and can understand simple text, I thought it was a good one to go for!

    Maybe after Christmas…

    You sound as though you’re doing REALLY well! Cracking jokes in Spanish? I’m impressed!

  2. ooooh jewellery making – that would be nice!! My daughter’s doing floristry so I’m hoping for some interesting arrangements here in fairy cottage! Sadly I have a disability in both hands so neither are any good to me!

    Yes the Spanish is a bit of a mission and I am ridiculously proud of what I have achieved – I will be dealing with all the Spanish companies in my new job – brilliant!!

    You should try your French – it really makes you feel good.X

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