Time for tea – cake!!!

My partner and I were reminiscing last night over the cakes of our childhood – all home-made of course. Shop bought cake was not within my parents budget.

Ade had said that when he was a school boy he used to visit a friend’s house and the friend’s Mum taught them both to make a cake where the fruit had been soaked in tea for a couple of hours. He thought it was lovely at the time and earlier this week he had bought a Yorkshire tea cake for £2 which he thoroughly enjoyed too.

I had never cooked a cake with the fruit soaked in tea – brandy or rum yes – but never tea! But I said I would try to find the recipe for him.

This morning my friend Google found the very recipe and so I thought I would try it out just to make sure it worked.

I soaked 500 grams of dried fruit in 400 mls of freshly brewed tea (2 tea bags).

Then I stirred in 200grams muscovado sugar, 1 egg whisked with a little vanilla essence and 250 grams of self raising flour.

Turned it into a loaf tin – be warned this makes a 2lb loaf, my tin is only half the size so i made two! Also the tin should be greased and lined but I like to use non stick foil for these things.

Bake at 175C Gas mark 4 for 1.5 hours or if cooked in two smaller tin 45 minutes each.

What a result!

tea cake 001

They look and smell gorgeous….

tea cake 003

Are perfectly cooked…..

and taste amazing – all that plump fruit – beautiful eaten warm with butter on…

tea cake 004

Gotta go now and put the kettle on – I know what will go down well with this – a nice cup of tea!!!

7 thoughts on “Time for tea – cake!!!”

  1. It doesn’t taste like tea Buggins – I’ll make one for next time you are here but I won’t tell you what it is – (a bit like kissing cabbage matey) x

  2. Cake recipe was followed by a 3 year old with guidance from dad and bernie the bernese mountain dog. Results are delicious and can be used to wind up the more established bakers in our little family.

  3. i do hope you have frozen some for my return or maybe you’ll be baking a new one! I’ll look forward to it – no dog hairs or sticky fingers mind!!!!

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