Absolute madness!!!

Lleida en boira
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I bought a really cool present for my son’s birthday – you can see it here – it has a sign in the rear window of your car that lights up with the message of your choice for the driver behind you.

And I really wished I had one last night whilst driving to my partner’s house in thick fog.

Every nutcase seemed to be on the road as I pootled along at a safe pace (well let’s be fair I couldn’t see anything but a blanket of fog) and most of them ended up behind me, flashing their headlights madly before overtaking at speed completely unable to see if anything was coming.

I have to admit that for once I really felt like swearing at each car – yes Grandad if you’re reading this, I was sorely tempted! One of those signs in my back window might have made them think or maybe made them worse?

As I came of the windy country road onto the dual carriageway that takes me nearly all the way to my partner’s home the visibility was no better, but within minutes I could see blue flashing lights and the mangled wrecks of two cars on the hard shoulder….. all caused by rushing to be somewhere.

How sad is that? And even sadder that maybe one of those drivers was just like me and driving carefully before the accident.

I just hope that nobody was killed.

10 thoughts on “Absolute madness!!!”

  1. For anyone wondering about the legality of one of these devices that I was bought for my birthday, I checked… All “I want One of Those” could tell me was “Yes it’s legal”, but the rules apparently are…

    It has been verified by the Department of Transport and is legal for the following reasons: Messages are static, not scrolling. Is it under 165mm in diameter. It is not wired into the vehicle. Activation is passive with IR technology, not radio signals. It does not flash. It illuminates red, meeting the legal requirement of rear lights being red coloured.

  2. and isn’t good that LED’s are really inexpensive now – and that you are electronically minded – you could start taking modification orders……. mind you I think between you and Grandad you would be inciting people to road rage! Stick to the back off sign – I think I’ll just laminate one to sit permanently in my rear window!!!

  3. Trust Grandad to want to give someone the bird in LED!!

    Great gadget – disappointing that you can’t choose your own messages though!

    Kate – I was driving in Oldcastle yesterday and some idiot workman walked out in front of me to tell me to stop (yes, I was trying to sneak through a road closure, but hey, it was a teeny little one track lane). I had to stop suddenly and the jeep just kept going – sideways – until I hit the grass verge. Very bloody scary, I can tell you.

    English Mum´s last blog post..Bert: Cavan’s next top model

  4. The trouble with people who drive dangerously under such conditions is that they’ll often take someone else out when they crash. It’s really surprising it doesn’t happen more often – I agree. People drive like idiots in low visibility.

    Unless, of course, they have x-ray vision. Sadly, I don’t.

    Those flashing signs are very tempting!!

  5. We got one of those gizmos but never got around to setting it up 🙁 Should do. I love the surprise potential for screwing with people’s heads in traffic jams!

    Daddy Papersurfer; Me da’s a genius. He made his own car and powers it purely with his own sense of indignation. It goes up to 187kph you know.

  6. Daddy P – I agree – the older I get the more calm I become normally… it’s the youngsters I think!

    K8 – Oh you should get it sorted out I can see the value in it – even if it make someone smile!!! – Your Dad is clever!!! He gets ’em all running around in circles bless him!!!!

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