10 thoughts on “College Days!!!”

  1. Hi Kirk – one of them is (well one apart from me) and she has been trying to find the others but they’re not to be found as yet!
    We shall see!!!

  2. Daddy P – I was found on fiends by the lady on the top right of the photo!! But she’s the one that has searched for the others!

    Gitwizard – gotta tell you it’s easier than blogging!!! I’ve only been ‘proper blogging’ for just less than a year and I still feel like a newbie!!!

  3. Ah, where indeed? I’ve tracked down quite a few of my old friends, through Friends Reunited and Facebook etc, but some remain elusive! Heck, some of my friends from my schooldays, I can’t even remember their surnames, just the good times we had.

  4. I know Jay – I was lucky – I had written the first names on the back of the photo because most of the surnames completely eluded me. Its an age thing I think!!

  5. I have trouble finding people too because I can’t remember last names, or my female friends have married and I don’t know their new surnames. Mostly, I find a friend here and there through that “other people you may know” thingy, or they find me, which is even better. Lovely photo Kate. πŸ™‚

    Coastal Aussie´s last blog post..365: Just saying β€˜Hello!’

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