Do, do, do, do -you remember?

Radio, Radio
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Ah isn’t the memory a wonderful thing?

On Tuesday evening my partner and I went to the cinema. This is itself is a bit of an occasion because, to be very frank, there are few new films that we actually want to see.

But ‘The Boat That Rocked’ grabbed our attention, particularly because I had heard Tony Blackburn talking about it on Smooth Radio after he had been to see it.

Pirate radio was a fun, secret pastime for me as a youngster at the time. My little transistor radio would be safely hidden under my pillow until I went to bed, then I could listen to all the ‘new’ music without my parents knowing (?).

For my partner, who is 3 years older than me – it was about meeting his mates and gathering round the radio for some illicit cider drinking and enjoyment of the music.

The film portrayed both of these listening groups and more as it romped through the tale of ‘Radio Rock’, a fictitious pirate radio station, out at sea off the coast of England. It showed the government officials in meetings where they decided that if there wasn’t a law to stop the masses enjoying this pastime, then they would create one. So, nothing’s changed there then!

The music, although it was only excerpts of songs, was fantastic. The clothes were amazing and although the story line was far from real it was a fun packed, laugh out loud film, greatly enjoyed by both of us.

We were still talking about it today ….. and they say that nostalgia’s not what it used to be!!!!!!

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13 thoughts on “Do, do, do, do -you remember?”

  1. The thing I most recall about ‘radios’ from my past are that I always had one on, there were times when it was my only friend. Once when I was about 8 years old we moved to Germany, it was a tough move that spanned over many days. Once settled into my strange environment I turned on the radio and cried because it spoke a language I did not understand. It had never occured to me, at that age, that my radio would not speak English, but only German. For a while I was devistated.

    Sistertex´s last blog post..Alphabet Wednesday ā€“ The Letter ā€˜Nā€™

  2. I can understand that and isn’t it amazing how the memory of that has stayed with you …. how’s your German now???

  3. I loved the pirate radio stations – they were the only ones that played decent music. I’m looking forward to seeing the film as well …… but will wait for it to come out on DVD – loathe going to the cinema now …… I know, I’m a miserable ol’ git!!!!

    Daddy Papersurfer´s last blog post..THE POWER OF SPEECH

  4. I didn’t think I would enjoy it – but we went on a Tuesday and it was obviously a quiet night – there were only 8 people watching this film. DVD could take a long while DP…. are you sure you are that miserable???? It’s worth doing ….honest!!!

  5. Interesting to have your ‘take’ on this film. I certainly remember when pirate radio began here on that ship.
    Thanks for visit and comments. The reason we keep thinking of taking the tree down is because during Summer it begins to shed its leaves early and look very forlorn b ecause of it’s old age. The birds love it so it will prob0ably stay as long aspossible.
    I had a peep through your window at your patio garden.

    Barbara´s last blog post..Blessings in the Post

  6. I used to love listening to Radio Caroline, even though the sound quality was awful. We’re spoilt in these days of FM, Dolby, Digital, Internet Radio, etc, but saying that, I still endure and love listening to Radio 5Live in prehistoric AM.

    gitwizard´s last blog post..French Connection – Day 1

  7. Hi Barbara – I just wish I was good with gardens – I seem to kill things off with kindness I think – although the raised bed is looking better now. My lovely late Mum always ‘did’ the garden….

    Git wizard – I know – sometimes I wish I still had a record player – just for the crackles…. silly isn’t it? Got loads of records and nothing to play them on now.

  8. Oh! The pirate radio stations!! That does bring back some memories.

    At school, we were divided into two factions, those that listened to Radio Caroline, and those that favoured Radio London. I was firmly in the Radio Caroline camp and one of the enduring memories of my teenage years is lying in bed with my tiny, tinny little tranny clamped to my ear so that parents wouldn’t hear it, listening to Johnny Walker. He would always end his programme by playing Percy Sledge’s ‘Warm and Tender Love’, and say a very sweet goodnight to us all.

    I would never sleep until I’d heard it!

  9. Hi, just wanted to say I saw the film and really really enjoyed it. I, my Mum, and the whole audience laughed out loud in various places throughout the film. And I am downloading the sound track as I type. I can’t remember the character’s name, but that larger bloke kept cracking me up. Hope you’re well, are your elbows out of action at the moment? Thinking of you.

    Coastal Aussie´s last blog post..365: everyone feels small, sometimes

  10. Coastal Aussie – I am so pleased you liked it too – yes it is very funny! Just back from holiday and heading towards my first operation on Monday 11th – so fingers crossed it works…. thank you for your thoughts!!

    Jay – Ah the memories – brilliant aren’t they – I found my ‘tranny’ the other week and guess what – it still works…… can’t find Caroline or London on it now though – think its lost its memory???

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