Wanted – a jobseeker!!!

Its been a really busy time at work recently. The plus side of this is that the small company I joined a year ago is entering a period of rapid growth. Not bad in this day and age.

So I was really pleased when I was asked to start recruiting for one or more ‘support’ people.

I really wanted to employ a young person, give them a start, help them to feel good about themselves. I’ve done this before in a previous role and thoroughly enjoyed coaching and training people until they were able to mentor the next new recruit.

Why then – do you think, that even though this role is advertised in every job centre, no-one is applying?

We are a country in recession, unemployment is at an all time high and all I want is someone with very good written and spoken English to make outbound calls.

Is there really an unemployment problem?

On a slightly different theme I watched a TV program about Benefit Busters last night. It showed a training course where single mothers on benefits would be given the skills and confidence to get back into the workplace.

It worked and it was good to see some of these ladies working all except one! Bless her, she wanted to work but she had four children and got more money on benefits than going out to work would bring in. What a system eh?

There was one thing in this course that really irritated me – the trainer was asking the women what the benefits of earning a wage would be, one of the answers was ‘money coming in’ and I was astounded at the trainer’s reaction:

“Yes, money coming in …. its the difference between buying the value range at the supermarket and buying Birds Eye.”

I think maybe they should add a week to this course and teach them to cook, then they could really learn how to economise!!!

In the meantime….does anyone want a job?????

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  1. I’m not sure my love – your generation with the exception of a few, are a generation of fast foodies!!! My generation only had fish and chip shops and couldn’t afford them very often so most of us learnt to cook!
    You grew up with MacDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut all around you (remember that song!!) – lots of your generation are still finding the money for these things !

  2. I think the tide is turning, in our office you wouldn’t believe how much recipes and jars get swapped around. There’s the occasional trip to McDonalds for lunch for some people but more and more will bring in delicious looking leftovers from last night (he says tucking into Spicy Sausage Casserole at his desk!!).

  3. I am a Celiac so just about everything we eat is not pre-prepared. Certainly when you actually ‘cook’ you can save or spend, your choice, and eat well. I agree with you that a lot in the food industry has changed since I was young. We also could not afford things like eating out and really didn’t have much other than an A&W or Dairy Queen and a trip to one of those places was a rare treat. Some of the fondest memories are of my aunt and mom standing over the stove on a Saturday night trying to make fudge in a big iron skillet. Food is no longer as home based as it once was.

    As for the unemployment problem, interesting as we were just discussing it here. Here I see dozens of postings for job openings and yet they stand open. I know because I apply, well qualified, perhaps over qualified, and they continue to remain open for months with no one calling or writing me about it. Mr. Spacial has been telling me that the people are needed so the position is posted, but the employees in HR are so understaffed and the managers doing interviews so over burdened they don’t have time to interview people. Also that even though the job is open and posted, the money isn’t there to hire them so though the position is posted, it is not filled until the budget allows.

    Just my thoughts of course.

  4. Hi Sistertex – I just love to cook so I still try all recipes from my Mum’s cookery book – most of which I remember standing on a stool and helping her with!!! I also love to make up my own recipes but those skills have definitely been watered down over here too with the advent of mass take away – also as I now work in the food industry I understand a lot more!!

    As for the job thing I understand the bigger companies have to be seen to be doing the right thing whether or not they see it through – I can only speak for me and I need somebody now! Would you like to move over here? 🙂

  5. I’m amazed. Every job I’ve applied for has been inundated with applicants and we’re at 5.4% unemployment which is pretty low all considered. Yes, my son is a prepared food man a lot of the time. All you’ll find in my freezer is ice and a packet of frozen peas . . .then we’re very lucky to have cheap fresh food available all year. Good luck with the recruiting, I’d pop over for an interview if I could!

  6. That’s crazy that no one has applied for the job.
    I really hope you get someone soon.
    Some of the Value food isn’t bad (like bread and baked beans and things).

  7. I have a nasty suspicion that some people will have to ‘suffer’ a whole lot more before they pull their fingers out. It’s still way too easy to get away with being lazy ….. [good grief, I’m really beginning to sound like a grumpy old man! – tee hee]

  8. Er…you’ve lost me… Why is everyone talking about food? Is this a job offer for a cook?
    I admire your motives in trying to give a young person a job Kate, but it’s as you say, they are often better off staying on benefits. (Same over here in the Neths.).
    Try an old person instead. They’ve got benefits (i.e., pension) too, but mostly not enough to live on properly!
    In fact -and this is true- there are no young boys delivering newspapers around our way anymore. It’s all done by pensioners. Spritely, silver haired chaps on mo-peds. Some of them are a bit wobbly, but they get the job done!!

  9. Baino – you’d be more than welcome – I think you are a ittle ‘over-qualified’ though! I bet you’ve heard that a lot lately 🙂

    Jay – nothing so glamourous – just a telephone support person but sound engineers can apply of course!

    Val – I hope so too!! I have nothing against value brands btw I use them all time and I think they better meals than BirdsEye when you know how to cook!

    DaddyP – I don’t think I have ever had the chance to try laziness – bringing up two children on my own meant I never really found the time! I could get grumpy about this too!!!

  10. Geri – I suppose looking for a young person was double edged… on one side it would give a start to someone who otherwise may not get one. Also although I may never be able to afford to retire I am nearing that wonderful age…. it would be nice to see some youthful enthusiasm.

    I do see the good in hiring an older person and thank goodness so did my boss last year when he took me on! Far more reliable and with a desire to do it right – it may be that we will end up taking on somebody retired as obviously the youngsters have better things to do!

  11. Thank you for dropping by at my blog. Your comment was apt and I appreciate it. I hope that you will do it more often.

    We have a similar situation here in India. There is large scale unemployment, and simultaneously unemployability due to improper education or preparation. I recently led an initiative to recruit and provide training for such unemployable candidates in a small enterprise and it has turned out to be very successful.

  12. It is curious how people react to being unemployed. It is not something to be ashamed of, it is usually a function of factors that the individual cannot control. It is, unfortunately, a fact of life for most of us at one time or another. It is how people respond to the situation that gives some insight into their character and their desire to succeed, not simply survive.

    There have to be a lot of people out there who need work, and a lot who really want to work. Keep looking, the right person will call you when you least expect it.

  13. Rummuser – Welcome… I am aware that there are problems in India – I have a friend in Chennai who is fortunately employed but she tells me how it is over there.

    Cortes – I have actually found someone and offered the job to them but I have a feeling I will need more people in the near future as this company is growing rapidly. Lets just hope I get the ‘right’ people but I suppose that bit is up to me to find!!!!

    Gitwizard! – Its not over but if muddy fields are your thing – how would you cope in an office all day!!!?

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