Mavis and The Slow Cooker

Firstly, my apologies to Mavis who I told that she would be able to see this weeks ago when I was staying with my friend in Essex for the weekend (more on that later) – trouble was my mobile phone stopped talking to my computer and it has taken until now for me to be able to get the photo’s off my moby and onto here.


My lovely friend Elizabeth and I visited the Pipps Hill Retail Park in Basildon where we both saw a book on Slow Cooking. I was immediately determined to buy as I like to experiment with my Slow Cooker – my friend bought one too and then the search for a slow cooker began.

We had to go to Comet anyway as she need a new lead for her television but having found that we decided to look at the slow cookers.moto_0823

While we were looking at them and trying to find the best value model (and there was quite a selection!) we became aware of a little lady at the side of us stacking the shelves. She was more than helpful but when my friend had decided which one she wanted we discovered that model was not available in the store and would have to be ordered.

We discussed this and decided to look in Argos which was only next door to see if they had this model – so we paid for the TV lead and left.

While we were in Argos, the lady from Comet suddenly appeared at our side and told us she had found the very slow cooker in the storeroom. I think we were so surprised that someone cared enough about what we wanted to follow us into another shop that we immediately left the store and went back to Comet with our new friend.

There it was, the very slow cooker and at the right price:


It was beautiful and matched my friend’s kitchen perfectly!


So this post is dedicated to Mavis who has worked for Comet for over 20 years and should be praised for the way she, not only took an interest, but also had the determination to go and look for what we wanted – that is the sort of customer service that in this day and age is usually sadly lacking.


Well done Mavis – you are wonderful! And well done Comet for employing somebody so very special!



12 thoughts on “Mavis and The Slow Cooker”

  1. Sad but true, customer service is very lacking in so many stores these days. Long ago a lot of the stores kept their customer base due to their customer service being so nice. Now I’m hard pressed to find such service anywhere.
    Nice Post!

  2. Oh, how nice! A ‘bouquet’ post! It’s all too easy to complain when things go wrong, isn’t it? So it’s lovely to see this, and hear about the lovely Mavis of Basildon!

  3. Baino: You’re so right – and her beautifully manicured nails – she is a lovely person.

    Geri: I have worked in Customer Service all my life – this isn’t something you can train – I’ve discovered that – people either care or they don’t… I know which I would rather employ!!!

    Jay: What a lovely term ‘a bouquet post’ – and you’re so right it is just that. To be fair I stood outside discussing posting about Mavis and my friend agreed that I should – then we had to go back inside to find the lady so I could get a picture!

    Sistertex: I remember it well – interestingly good service in shops really surprises me – I’m just not used to it I suppose!

    Cortes: I have to say – its rare to get service like that from a younger person, the Mavis’s of this world have much to teach us all in my opinion, and she was lovely!

  4. Well done Mavis and Comet.
    You are so lucky having a Comet and an Argos next door.
    We don’t have Comet here…..and our Argos is away from most other shops so we have to drive to it….oh woe is me 😉

  5. i have to say from personal experience that its great meeting the mavis’s of this world. I love helpful people and if there more mavis’s in this world it would be an alround better world to live in.

  6. Val: To be fair I rarely go to stores like these – I prefer to shop online but THIS store I would visit again just because of that lady!!!

    Keiron: I think some places think that ‘the customer is always right’ is an outdated saying. Is PC World one of them?

    Vicky: You are so right but they are so hard to find these days!!!

  7. Hi Barbara – my friend lives in Billericay – is that close to you? If so it would be nice to meet you when I next go to visit!?

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