The end of the year and what happens next!!!

I have had the best Christmas!!

My friend came up from Essex on Christmas Eve and the fun started there…

Christmas Day dawned and look what Santa brought Hippie….

end of the year 001

Pink pj’s and she loved them…

My new oven worked perfectly which was just as well as my 92 year old uncle and his wife came for lunch.

end of the year 003

Bless him – he cleaned his plate..

As did my two little helpers

end of the year 004

The Christmas cake was lit and photographed and admired – it did look good though

end of the year 005

Take a good look

end of the year 006

‘cos three quarters of it has gone…. I have never had a cake eaten so quickly

On Boxing Day my friend and I chilled out… we chatted to her son in Singapore on webcam and during the conversation I was invited to join my friend on her trip to Singapore in March and, guess what….. I am going to go… me, the scared of flying lady is going to do a 14 hour flight to the Far East! Fortunately I don’t think I’ve got my head around it yet or I‘d be panic stricken already.

Later that day we threw the Christmas dinner leftovers into a pie dish and made Christmas Dinner Pie which we ate whilst slobbing in front of the TV

end of the year 008

It even had holly leaves!!!

She left for home on Sunday morning and I cooked another turkey because my lovely son and daughter in law were coming for  Christmas Day revisited. More presents, good food, wine and party games – a good time was had by all!

But now its the end of another year – its been eventful with highs and lows as usual but 2010 looks promising – not only have I been invited to Singapore but also to Tenerife and Spain – better start saving now I think!!

I’d like to wish everyone who reads this a very Happy New Year – wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, keep safe!

Oh and one last thing …. yes, its another picture of that cake

end of the year 007

But this time with yours truly!!!!

13 thoughts on “The end of the year and what happens next!!!”

  1. Good for you. Singapore is only 10 hours from Sydney you know? Don’t fret the flying. Knock yourself out and you’ll sleep through the whole thing. Warning . . it’s VERY hot and sticky. Sounds like you had a great time and such a shame to cut into such a pretty cake! Dogs in pyjamas, what will they think of next!

  2. Sounds wonderful Kate! Love the pink pyjamas – and as for that cake… well, you have made me determined to learn how to bake! With 11 months left till next xmas, it is not unthinkable that I might just manage it…

  3. I love the doggie pyjamas, very natty. The Christmas cake looks enormous. Three quarters gone already? Good grief, what size were the portions?

  4. Okay DaddyP – thats the last time I’ll write about it I promise!!!

    Cortes – not quite a flap in the back but they are made to measure and suitable for going outside in…. although when she did go out in them she got the cuffed legs muddy so its probably not recommended!!

    Baino – Does that mean you’ll be meeting up with us there??? Yes please!!! I’m not going to think about the flight yet – when I do I’ll need valium!!! Yes – I must rethink my wardrobe for this one I think!

    Geri – I will send you the recipe – they say its never too late to learn!!!

    Nick – Thank you – greyhounds love wearing clothes thank goodness and Hippie is no exception. The cake was baked in an 8 inch tin and the portion size? – well it was Christmas!!!

  5. Sounds as if you had a great time, Kate! Excellent! And you’re going to Singapore! Yay for you!

    The cake looks (looked) exquisite. Nothing like my cobbled together with ready made fondant icing slab. It did have holly leaves and silver balls on it, but that’s about it. No minty icicles!!

    Hippie looks gorgeous in her pink PJs too!

  6. Yes the cake looks beautiful lit up. Glad to see a photo of you. I think it makes all the difference having a face in one’s head when commenting etc. Like the pink doggie outfit.

    Happy New Year Kate.

  7. I love that cake! I never seen anything like it. Truly amazing. And I seriously think those pjs are the cutest thing invented. Huge good luck wishes for Singapore. What an adventure! I’ve been there myself, but only for a very short visit, and it was quite an eye opener. A Very Merry New Year to you!

  8. I’ve heard of the cats pyjama’s but never the dogs 😉 I think they are great.
    The cake and the dinner look fab too.
    Happy New Year!

  9. Jay – I think the taste matters more than the look don’t you??? And those pj’s are coming in very handy at the moment!!!

    Barbara – Thank you – it was quite strange really – everyone wanted a photo of me with my cake!!!

    Coastal Aussie – Thank you – it was fun to make!! Happy New Year to you too! And Singapore? well I’ll blog about it when I get back!!!

    Houndstooth – Welcome! She does look good doesn’t she – lets hope she keeps them clean!!!

    Paul – Hello and welcome … oh yes – greyhounds are built for speed so very little body fat and a thin coat – they love to wear snuggly things to keep warm – Hippie has a variety of hoodies too!

    Val – And to you and your family – mmmmm cats pyjamas? I don’t think Max would let me put them on him!!!!

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