It’s Finished!! Despite the animals…..

Well, I never thought for one minute that some of my Mum’s 40 year old wool would get used up but the reality is I have enjoyed making this.

Of course Max thought it was a huge game, running off with my current ball of wool and beating it up in a corner!

Even Hippie thought it was wonderful – I found all my knitting in her bed twice!!

But, I finally got it finished!

You saw the early pic:

new jumper 009

Where I had started to put different colours in ‘cos there was never going to be enough main colour.

It grew very quickly and soon I could see how I wanted it to look – I only followed the pattern for the size so this is true designer wear….

new jumper 001

And soon I was ready to sew it up, but with what? None of my needles would take the chunky wool, so it was back to Mum’s sewing box..

new jumper 004

Just look – a needle for all occasions!!!

Max just loved it – I’m sure he thought it was a soft new blanket just for him.

new jumper 003

Hippie decided just to lay on the settee and watch from a distance… if Max was involved she didn’t want to play..

new jumper 006

So I now have a new designer wear jumper!

new jumper 005

Just the thing – instead of a coat for this time of year!

Thanks Mum!

12 thoughts on “It’s Finished!! Despite the animals…..”

  1. Wow….very nice! I used to knit a while back….a very long ago while back. 🙂 The cats would often make the task near to impossible chasing the needles as they moved and messing with the yarn. The hounds were pretty non-plused about it all though except for the cats entertaining them.

    Good to see Hippie and Max of course. I have been fairly lax about my blog recently, back to school, youngest daughter moved back from London have added to my lack of time. But I am trying to get it back on track.

    Always good to see your posts and visit with you a bit.

  2. Oooh, I like it! Well done, my friend!

    Renie used to love to steal my knitting! She always looked shamefaced when I found her curled up with unravelled wool (though I never told her off, because I felt it was my fault for leaving it out) but she kept on doing it anyway! LOL!

  3. Sistertex: You are busy at the moment then – its good to have your daughter back I’m sure – thanks for stopping by!!!

    Cortes: Thank you sir!!!!

    Nick : Max is easily swayed – the rattle of a box of cat biscuits gives me a few seconds head start!!!!

    Jay: Thank you…I thought you might like it – its just that bit different.

    Strawberry Jam Anne: I really wasn’t sure that the colours would work – but I’m really pleased with it now.

    Grannymar: Thank you..It really is very warm and soft – my kind of clothing!

    Baino: Strangely enough – it was just kept in a carrier bag! I washed it today and it didn’t fall apart so I must be doing something right!

    Val – Thank you – but I don’t think the animals will get a look in – other people are placing their orders!

    Geri: It is very cosy and yes my Mum would have been so pleased to see it made up…. now I have to knit up the other things she made me promise to do!!!

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