I must apologise for my lack of attention to my blog and yours for the last few weeks.


I have had a busy time, both at work and  at home – so I thought a quick catch up post was in order….


I visited my son and daughter in law for a weekend and arrived wearing my new jumper (from a previous post).


My daughter in law’s parents were also there and within minutes her father appeared wearing my jumper!!!

march 021

I think he looks rather fetching – don’t you?


Then last weekend my daughter bought me lots of bunches of daffodils – my very favourite flower!!

march 023

I ran out of vases and had to use jugs and one little one that had arrived with pretty wooden tulips in – they soon got removed to make way for the daffies!

march 022

Very pretty!

march 024

I even had some in the kitchen – they were lovely!


march 026

Well I thought so anyway!!!

Yesterday was Mother’s day here and I received more presents from my lovely kids…

Some Lushly bath bombs and a Chinese table setting from my son and the book ‘Its me or the dog’ from my daughter.

Yes I have decided to get a dog of my own when Hippie moves out – won’t be for a while though so a little planning has to be done!!!


Just as an aside I received a letter on Saturday from a company trying to sell me home insulation – the picture on my letter had a supposed thermal image of my house – its supposed to show where the house loses heat – I am a little confused….. have a look…

march 025

So – is it being lost from the roof , and of course the block paved drive – or is it pouring out of the new double glazed windows and door?


And why do I feel that big brother is invading my privacy?

12 thoughts on “Update!”

  1. Hi….glad to hear from you. It has been a while. Sounds like you have been busy! Funny about the jumper! Twins!
    I love daffodils they make such a wonderful statement about Spring! What…Hippie will be moving out? Oh…. 🙁 I bet you will miss her tremendously. Good to hear you will get a dog after she goes.

    That whole ‘heat loss’ from the house thing seems kind of gimmicky to me.


  2. The daffodils are in full bloom here, but according to my Mum, they are about 3 weeks behind in England. I guess Canada is not all a frozen wasteland afterall!

  3. What a cheek pinching your brand-new jumper! He should get a new jumper of his own! But yes, he does look rather fetching in pink and powder blue!

    Max seems to be enjoying Mother’s Day too, in his luxurious sprawl on the duvet….

    I doubt if your house is losing much more heat than other people’s. I think the important thing is an efficient boiler that isn’t a fuel-guzzler. Un-asked for circulars and phone calls are a pain.

  4. And did you say ‘Ssssuuuuits you, sir!’? LOL!

    The flowers are lovely, I love daffs too, though I haven’t had any in the house yet. I might pick some up at the supermarket next time I’m there.

    And you’re getting a dog of your own, eventually? Yay! Dare one hope it will be a greyhound, too? 😀

  5. Grannymar – aren’t they gorgeous? i don’t give a fig for ‘posh’ flowers – give me daffs any day!!!
    Oh yes – the jumper is mine but I might be persuaded to take orders 🙂

    Sistertex – well twins if you discount the facial hair!!! You’re right I will miss her soooooo much but hopefully I can find one that will get on with Hips – I did try another grey but she attacked Hippie and I had to return her – such a shame, I did want them to get on, and they did, but not in our home!
    DBM- From what i hear Canada is a beautiful country – you never know, with my new found wanderlust I might just visit and find out for myself!
    Nick – I like cheeky people – they are usually fun to be around – but no – he didn’t get to keep it, however pretty he looked.
    Wrong animal my friend although easily done – Max is my beautiful cat – usually sprawled all over my bed. The greyhound, Hippie dare not cross that threshold!!!! She goes to my daughters bed and as you can see, takes it over!!!!
    The letter? well it went in the bin where it belongs!! And, thank goodness, my phone is TPS protected!!!! I just worry abouIt the lengths these people will go to!

    Jay – oh I wish but as you probably read above it went horribly wrong and Hippie is scarred in more ways than one….. I’d like a whippet – something smaller, I think … but I’m easily swayed, and I have a big ‘thing’ about our greys!!!!! I need help here…

  6. A jumper to suit all! And those daffodils are gorgeous Kate. (We don’t have Mother’s Day over here in Holland until the 1st Sunday in May- but I do hope I get flowers too).
    As for the thermal view of your house????????? And the privacy issue ? It really is a cheek. Have just peeked in on Grandad at Headrambles and found him in full rant about Google Earth Street View.
    Big brother is everywhere it seems!!!

  7. These salesmen – what a cheek!

    Glad to have you around again Kate.

    Are you still having trouble commenting. Yours did get through.

    None of your links led to your blog so I had to manually put your address into Explorer.

  8. Kate,
    Don’t give up, keep trying with other greyhounds. Some take a dislike to others more. Taffy was great when William came home and I had taken them for walks from the kennel before bringing William home. They both tolerate each other but will never be best of friends and initially I would muzzle both when left alone in the house together and checked them if there were any growling.
    If I become brave enough to adopt a third greyhound, it would have to be a female as William can be a bit fiesty with other male greyhounds we meet in the park so don’t think he would tolerate another male greyhound indoors.
    I hope Hippy wasn’t too traumatised by what happened and that you will be able to adopt another houndie soon x

    PS Google Earth Street view at my parents house has my dad in the pic getting out of a car!

  9. Geri – Grandad is always ranting when he isn’t ‘lurking’!

    Barbara – I’ll try again now I’m home – at least we have worked out how to communicate despite the problems!!!

    Oh Nick – I suffer from failing eyesight too 🙂 do you think its an age thing?!!!!!

    Taffy’s Mum – I’m still thinking about a whippet – I’m afraid Hippie has scars on her face and body and that happened in seconds – it was traumatic all round really – I think you’re really brave….
    Go on then – send your Dad’s postcode – lets have a look at him!!!

    Thanks Val – I will visit over the weekend – I must catch up here!!!

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