A little meme!!!

Hmmm I woke up this morning to a challenge from Grannymar , she had 7 questions for me:

and in her words “So now it is my turn to be wicked… questions, questions…”

So in between the madness of the small pup – who is getting bigger by the minute and getting ready to go to a wedding, here are my answers:

1: Do you like to be challenged?

Obviously, I couldn’t resist this one!

I think I prefer to say ‘I like a challenge’ – sometimes being challenged can be quite wearing.

2: What is your favourite time of day?

Oh, easy – the morning especially on a sunny day like today. My first cup of tea looking out at the garden and trying to ignore the demands of the animals.

3: Are you punctual?

Always – tardiness in others irritates me !

4: The world is your oyster – where would you like to visit?

Its been a bit of a year so far travel-wise …. I think I’d like to go back to Singapore and see some more!!

5: Favourite taste?

I have many but I’ll go for ripe strawberries with a sprinkling of vanilla sugar……mmmmmm

6: Who would you like to meet from past history?

My Grandmother on my Mum’s side – I heard so much about her and never ever met her… so Harriet Jane it is!

7: What mark would you like to leave on the world?

I would just like some people to remember me – for my peaceful ways, and maybe adopt them.


So, that’s me….. I’m not going to pass it on but you can leave your answers to these questions here if you like and Grannymar, this means you too!!

Now I need to go and get my face on for ‘a bit of a do’!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

liz's photos 161

Ah, another memory of Singapore…. I really must finish writing about that trip!

8 thoughts on “A little meme!!!”

  1. Wow! That was quick. I hope you have a wonderful day at the wedding!

    ‘ripe strawberries with a sprinkling of vanilla sugar’ Did you have to mention them? I want some right NOW!

  2. Sweet, I have a couple in the wings that I might post tomorrow. I love that morning cuppa . . my life doesn’t focus until I’ve had 2 cups of Irish Breakfast tea, white with one, after that .. I can take anything

  3. The people I’d most like to meet from history are the ones who revolutionised society with bold demands that other people resisted. People like Clement Attlee or Sylvia Pankhurst or Martin Luther King.

  4. Interesting questions!

    My favourite taste has to be chocolate. Mmmmm!

    What mark would I like to leave on the world … ? That’s a hard one. I think I’d just like to be remembered with love, and as someone who contributed something useful – which I’m not sure I’m doing at the moment.

    Now, who to meet? You made it difficult by saying ‘from past history’! Otherwise, you KNOW who it would have been! LOL!

  5. Please do post more on Singapore. I am really quite enjoying hearing about the adventure, and also seeing the photos.

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