Singapore Zoo – Breakfast with the Orangutans

An alarm call at 7.00 a.m. plus an excitable text from my monkey loving daughter who was just going to bed heralded the beginning of our visit to Singapore Zoo and breakfast with the orangutans!!

We arrived by taxi and were immediately shown to the restaurant and invited to help ourselves to breakfast – and what a breakfast it was. Everything from prettily prepared fruits to cereals, toast, cheeses and many dishes full of the contents of an English breakfast – the choice was ours!!

Liz chose the fruit and I had toast and cheese – not very adventurous but it was a very humid day and the thought of a big breakfast was not a pleasant one – it didn’t stop Mark and Lisa though – they had a big plateful!!!

We had been told that the elephants would be fed just before the orangutans came out – so we went across the courtyard to watch this…

They were really friendly and were quite happy to be fed by any of the early risers attending that morning..

Then it was back to the restaurant for more coffee and the orangutans!!

The whole family were brought out at the side of the restaurant and while they were feeding a commentary was taking place – telling us about their diet, their natural habitat and their lifestyle at Singapore Zoo.

It was absolutely fascinating,

and they seemed quite happy to be up close and personal with us humans…

even the babies…

But, of course Mum was watching….

Those eyes followed us everywhere…

Hmmm – quite a scary moment – but it had to be done!!!

It was soon over but I really recommend this visit to anyone visiting Singapore – this is an amazing Zoo with something for everyone – shows, information on every animal, plant and bird with Zoo staff who were happy to explain anything.

I have many more photos of the zoo but thought the breakfast with the orangutans deserved a post all to itself – so there will be more animals soon.

6 thoughts on “Singapore Zoo – Breakfast with the Orangutans”

  1. What a wonderful experience. We stayed at a free range zoo years ago and everything seems to ‘happen’ after the people leave and before they arrive, it was a lovely weekend. Great photos too Kate!

  2. Remarkable! Great photos of what had to be a fascinating experience! Love the babies, and I can imagine you were being watched very carefully. They do look quite large and capable of inflicting some measure of discomfort. Quite an adventure.

  3. Sorry to be a wet blanket here, but I’ve read several times that elephants are not happy in zoos and tend to die prematurely. They feel cramped in small enclosures and like plenty of space to roam. They really should be replaced by animals more suited to a zoo environment. But having said that, I admit I enjoy looking round Belfast Zoo now and again!

  4. Love this post! The baby orangutan is adorable, and such a great shot of the mother anxiously watching him.

    I agree that the elephant look happy, but are probably miserable. we have an elephant sanctuary here in middle Tennessee, where old and/or sick elephants live out their days in the wild. I’m so happy they have a place to go.

  5. Wow you’ve had such big adventures. I’m so impressed. Thank you so much for your kind comment, I really appreciate it. And sorry for being so quiet lately. Big hugs!

  6. Baino – it was amazing – and maybe one day I’ll do it all again!!!

    Cortes – you just knew not to get too close – the parents never said a word but you just knew….. wonderful creatures!

    Nick – the elephant is sacred over there – and they have quite a good space – they work in the zoo too – logging in the rain forest areas – they truly looked okay.

    Ethel Mae Potter – it was a truly special experience – all of it – it was only the white tigers that worried me – they were pacing and didn’t look happy.

    Coastal Aussie – I’ve been quiet too – lots happening here, some good and some bad I only write when its good – if you know what I mean – thanks for visiting!!! x

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