Thank you


Iramble has been given a new look thanks to my lovely son – it is now looking very smart and very pink!

This was part of my mothers day present and I think its lovely.

I remember a conversation between my son and I many years ago when he asked me what I thought about him spending £10 a month on setting up a webhosting company. At the time I was concerned that my impoverished software engineer student was taking a risk – but this risk has paid off. was born and is still growing, not only with webhosting and reseller packages, but web design, content writing and full support including a back-up service and all still at easy prices.

Well done Keiron and thank you for my facelift!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Thank you”

  1. Well Katy poo you look awesome in pink. Nice having tech savvy critters as kids . . does this mean you’ll post more?

  2. Very smart Kate – and very pink!
    Glad Keiron is doing so well. He and Emma look really happy in their latest facebook pic (and very pregnant!)
    I’m sure you’ll love being a Grandma – whether pink or blue!

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