In a flap!!!!!

It was just too easy I suppose – working two minutes away from home meant I could come home in my lunch hour and let Alfie out. but a recent turn of events have left me job-hunting again and ‘temping’ in the interim. Something had to be done as Alfie is important in my life and I worry if I think he is being left too long unable to get into the garden.

dog flap 003


My friends have been helping but they have their lives too and conscious that this is my problem I looked for alternatives.


One alternative was employing a dog walker but they are expensive and I am not really happy leaving my keys with people I don’t know, however honest they may be.


So……. plan B was to get a dog flap fitted in my back door – then Alfie would be able to come and go as he pleased.


dog flap 006


The back door was a upvc one with two glass panels, top and bottom. I searched the internet for ideas and discovered that it was do-able either fitted into glass or replace the bottom panel with a upvc one and fit a dog flap into that one. I sent emails to various companies and received some very different quotes – one company said they just didn’t cover my area of the country which was a possibility that hadn’t occurred to me.

dog flap 002


Then I found Colin , I had seen his website  and sent an email asking for advice, he actually says on his website that he doesn’t cover my area of the country but the testimonials from his customers led me to believe that he was at least worth contacting.


He answered my email almost immediately with a quote that was way less expensive than others, and requested that I call if I needed further information.

I rang and we discussed the possibility of getting this job done relatively quickly – amazingly, he agreed to travel to my home and carry out the work that very day! Now that’s what I call service!

He arrived at 1.30 p.m. and the job was done – exactly as I wanted.

dog flap 004


Alfie was very scared at first but after a lot of throwing biscuits through the flap and tying up the piece of the frame that rattled until he gets used to it, he is now using his new door!!!


dog flap 005

Brilliant and I can now be out of the house for a few hours without worrying. The garden is secure and Alf just loves lying in the sunshine……

dog flap 001

 Thank you Colin! that was customer service beyond belief!!!!

13 thoughts on “In a flap!!!!!”

  1. Gawd wish I had one in Winter Lily’s up and down like a whore’s knickers. Doesn’t matter in the summer because I have the doors open. Then I’ve got five acres and need an electric fence to stop her visiting builders on the adjacent estate. He looks like one happy pooch!

  2. Hi Helen – I’m sure he will get used to it in time – its very funny to watch some of his arabesque antics trying to go out through the flap at the moment – but at least he’s using it!!!

  3. Hello Grandad! Thank you for letting me know – it should be okay now – and thanks for visiting too…….. Are you still grumpy?

  4. Hello Kate! Don’t worry – I’ve been keeping an eye on your rambles. I am deeply hurt to be called grumpy. Cantankerous, maybe but grumpy? Pah!

  5. Hi Kate
    I wish you would of let me put a brown panel and brown dog door, but you were right about it been white to give more light in that area of the kitchen.
    Thank you for a great testimonial I will copy this to my testimonial with a link


  6. Kate, This is my first time here and I went back a few posts to get a flavour of the blog. In short, I am zapped. I intend returning often and commenting and I hope that you will entertain my idiosyncrasies.

    I am a dog lover too but am constrained by various factors and cannot give the attention that a dog deserves, to keep one at home. My son compensates by being very involved with the local animal shelter welfare activities and all the street strays in our locality. I personally think that he spends more time on these activities than he should but he IS forty years old!

    Alfie is a fine specimen. My compliments to you on his grooming.

  7. Brilliant!! I’m glad you managed to get him to use it, too! I’m not sure Sid would like anything dropping onto his back end, bless him!

    Sorry to hear about the job. I hope you find another one soon. 🙂

  8. thanks Jay – bless him I don’t think Sid should even try the balancing act required in the early stages of practice – Alfie was doing arabesque poses whilst trying to get through – it was so funny

  9. Thanks Colin – but I still think the white looks good – Alfie is doing really well with the door now – you did a lovely job!

  10. Hello
    I would like a cat flap fitted in an aluminium full pane double glazed back door. It could be that the door will end up with more than one pane of glass in it and that would be fine. The cat flap does not have to be the largest as it is for a small cat. If the catflap could be fitted before 25th September, that would be good. What would be your quote, please?
    With thanks
    I am in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire

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