Messing about on the river……..

I have a new job!!!

Sawley 005


I have been working as a temp at Sawley Marina for ten weeks now, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and now they have given me a permanent contract!!.. I work in the Chandlery there, and sell all sorts of items to some of the nicest people!!!

The Marina is very large and attracts many visitors  for the boat brokerage, moorings and canal boat hire, not to mention the passers by – on boats or otherwise – so there is always a holiday air about the place. The Chandlery sells a huge amount of things, everything for the boating enthusiast from dinghys to outboard engines right down to the smallest shackle – the list is endless. There is also a part of the shop that caters for basic food shopping for the new arrivals – just to start them off…… then there is clothing – including wetsuits, maps and souvenirs….

Sawley 009

Sawley 008

Sawley 011

Sawley 010

Try counting these for next months stock take!!!!

And outside the boats go by – narrow boats and cruisers – it’s idyllic….

Sawley 006

This is the first time I have worked in a retail environment and I love it – I have previously dealt with customer service but usually on the complaints side – we don’t get many complaints here!!!

Sawley 001

Sawley 002

Sawley 003

Sawley 013

And if you need any splicing doing – this is the guy to ask……

Sawley 012

Rope and splicing expert!!!!


Sawley 007

And on the left here is our Honda and Chandlery expert- she is amazing!!!

Which just leaves me – a people expert with computer skills!!!!

I am enjoying every minute!!!!

13 thoughts on “Messing about on the river……..”

  1. Such a pleasure to hear that someone actually likes their job! And their co-workers. Lunch by the canal, does it get any better than that?!

  2. Sounds like an interesting job. Good that you enjoy it so much. Presumably you’re not expected to have a lot of technical knowledge, the other staff have that.

  3. Hi Kate!
    Good to see you again! Wonderful about you getting a permanent contract AND in doing something you are enjoying. That is marvelous!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi at my blog. Love to hear from you and really appreciate the kind words. Do come by again soon. I hope Hippie and Alfie are doing well these days.

    Hugs to you.

    Thanks again.

  4. Oh, that does look like a fun place to work – and it seems you get along well with the other staff members which is always more than half the battle, isn’t it?

    I can imagine you wandering out with your packed lunch to sit by the waterside and chat to the boating folk!

  5. Hi Jay, yes, it is a lovely job – and yes we do chat…. some of the people fly into East Mids airport and come here for a narrow boat holiday – so i get a chance to practice my Spanish too!!

    Some of the others are only around at weekends but, as I have Thursday and Friday as my rest days I am there when they come in for their post etc – fascinating people all of them!!!

  6. Hi there!! Yes thanks – Hippie and Alfie are ok, Hips has toe problems at the moment and we are waiting results …… and Alfie – well he has decided to bark while I am at work – which is causing neighbour problems. He is currently sporting a no bark collar which vibrates as he woofs – I have a horrible feeling he likes the sensation though….. it could go either way at the moment!!!!

    Big hugs to you too and I hope you are okay!!!

  7. Hi Nick, It is interesting and I have already learnt so much…… ten weeks ago i didn’t know a bilge pump from a windlass but it has been good fun learning – second childhood again maybe?

  8. Oh Kate I’m so pleased for you. As you know I’m temping for 18 months and would LOVE them to put me on full time but they’d have to buy out my contract. Maybe I’ll get cheeky in a few weeks and suggest it. I hate not having any leave and a shitty income. Great news, I couldn’t be more pleased for you.

  9. Cortes – how lovely to hear from you……. Yes it has been a complete job change for me but I do love it and the customers pick up on that – we have good fun!
    Sometimes lunch by the canal, depending on the weather but always a quick walk round at lunchtime.

  10. Hi Helen,
    It is lovely and yes the company has bought my contract – I did get holiday pay with my agency but I agree the money was not good. I hope you get your job too – its a good feeling!!

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