Natural Wonders

Rainbows absolutely fascinate me – usually I see them while driving and cannot stand and stare but just the other day there was a rainbow almost over my house, in fact it was a double rainbow and absolutely beautiful.

These photos were taken with my mobile phone and do not do it justice  – but the colours are clear and it was a lovely moment…..

all august 2011 081

to the left of me….

all august 2011 075

and the centre…..

all august 2011 076

Just need to find the fella with the crock of gold now!!!!

and the right of me….

3 thoughts on “Natural Wonders”

  1. Gorgeous!! Once, I’ve managed to capture a rainbow over a house where we lived, and it was on film, back in the day. I was SO pleased when the roll was developed and I found that one had come out OK!

    Rainbows are quite magical, aren’t they?

  2. Wonderful shots. I can never seem to get them in focus. You have done the impossible (as far as my abilities are concerned!).

  3. Will you share it when you find it? Lovely shots. I never seem to have my camera with me when there’s a rainbow about and totally forget that my phone has one

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