Rambling again!!!!

Well it has certainly been a while since I’ve rambled here….. its been a very busy time….

Firstly my friend came to convalesce at my home for a month. She had donated one of her kidneys to her daughter and needed to recuperate slowly without the housework and cooking that the rest of her family needed. Her daughter has taken on a new lease of life following the kidney donation – she is 27 with two small children so needs all the strength she can muster. My friend has done very well despite a couple of setbacks and has gone back home now but, while she was with me we devised a couple of projects to stave off the boredom as she went through the recovery process.

We both knit and there seems to be a lot of new babies around so Trish knitted tiny garments and we went to visit the new parents bearing gifts….. we also had a couple of visits to her home on my days off – just to check her husband and son weren’t wrecking the place, and while we were there we harvested the fruit and veg.


Some went in her freezer and some came over to my freezer but what to de with the rest????


oct 11 003

Yes, we bottled them – following the recipe from my Mum’s cookery book

oct 11 002

This is just a small amount of the jars we have filled – beautifully preserved fruit and vegetables – very decorative and delicious too!!

On the work front things are still great – I meet some amazing people and they are all on holiday so happy and pleasant…… here are just a couple of them…

oct 11 006

They had just come back from a week on a canalboat hired from the marina, and were heading back to America the very next day.

They were an absolute pleasure to get to know!!!

My job involves helping people to keep safe on the water so I fit adults and children with life jackets and buoyancy aids….. but its not just the people…

oct 11 001

Here is Hippie, my daughter’s greyhound showing off her new buoyancy aid – she loves the water but greyhounds do not swim well so her new jacket will keep her upright when she chases the ducks!!!!

Also I have had a visit from my son and daughter-in-law – not to mention the gorgeous Harry!!!!!

oct 11 005

He is adorable and such a happy little boy..

oct 11 007

just doesn’t stay still for the photos!!

While they were visiting they designed and manufactured a gate for my kitchen doorway – very necessary to keep the ‘would be destructive’ Alfie in the kitchen while I am at work……

oct 11 008

And so much better than the dog crate to block his way

dog flap 003

He quite likes it too!!!!

2 thoughts on “Rambling again!!!!”

  1. Certainly have been busy! Very fortunate that your friend was a compatible donor for her daughter and I know about crating. Have had Lily inside for 5 weeks after another cruciate surgery, poor thing’s going stir crazy. Cute kid.

  2. My, you have been busy! And your friend .. such a wonderful thing for her to have done. Bless her, I hope she and her daughter recover well, and quickly!

    Sid wears a life-jacket too, when he goes swimming. I tried taking Ranger, but he won’t swim. He just hangs – quite contented – in the water while Mark the pool guy tugs him around and tries to encourage him. Last time, we took his life-jacket off to try to make him try to swim, but guess what? He floats without it, and that’s all he would do; hang in the water and float, with a stupified-but-happy expression on his face!

    Your dog gate looks great!!

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