Alfie’s behaviour review!!!!


july 10 009

Well, it was bound to happen, Alfie’s crazy behaviour around other dogs whilst out on his lead had just become altogether too much!

Professional help was required as I was running out of ideas – and most of the time he didn’t listen to me anyway…..

I searched the internet and emailed a few companies who professed the ability to help me. Two companies answered my email very quickly and one of them was quite close to home. I explained my problem and an appointment was made for 10.00 a.m. this morning.

The ladies at AMK9 were very interested in Alfie and his behaviour, they took him into an enclosed field on a long lead and observed his behaviour, as other dogs were brought out on leads and taken past young Alf on route to the next field for their ‘doggy day care’ exercise.

An hour later I came away with one tired dog and lots of information on how to help my lad to take his proper place in society, he needs to learn that I don’t need to be protected from every dog he sees and that he doesn’t need to ‘see them off’ whilst trembling like a leaf inside!!!

I think we have a lot of work to do but I am confidant that when we go back to AMK9 Alfie will be a lot less stressed and more able to cope with other dogs….

Watch this space!

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