The End of an Era!

My maternal Grandparents had seven children, six boys and a girl all born between 1910 and 1923. My Grandfather served in both the first and second World Wars and five of his sons also served their country in World War 2.

The eldest boy, Walter was disabled and died at an early age but the other children : Victor, Charles, George, Fred, Vera Daisy (my lovely Mum) and Ralph had a happy childhood growing up in a small Leicestershire village.

I make no excuses for the quality of the photos in this post and trust you will understand:

lardner 003

This is an early snap of some of them – Uncle George at the top my Mum in the middle, Uncle Charlie on the left, Uncle Vic on the right and Uncle Fred is the baby. As you can see my Mum did not want to be on the photo….

Here is is though looking gorgeous age five..

lardner 006

And again with Uncle Fred wearing some more of the lovely clothes my Grandma made for her only girl,,,,

lardner 004


She always hated her curly hair!!!!

Sadly all the family have passed away and I am left with many photos and lovely memories of them all.

The last one – my Uncle George passed away last week and the funeral will be held on Monday. He was 95 years old and a lovely man.

This post is just a requiem for the whole family and a special hug for Uncle George.

lardner 001

He was the last of his line and a superstar!!!

2 thoughts on “The End of an Era!”

  1. Aww…sad isn’t it. I’m an ‘orphan’ too and I hate my curly hair. I really must dig out some family gems and scan them. They’re good to look back on.

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry. How very sad it is to say goodbye to the last. 🙁

    I treasure my family photos. I’ve done quite a bit of genealogical research, and had a long break, and I’ve just started getting interested in picking it up again. I have to say it’s fascinating, and has given me a real insight into the lives of people I only knew as ‘old people’.

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