An Almost Total Eclipse!!!

It was a beautiful sunny morning….

So …I dragged myself from my sickbed the other day to hang out my newly washed sheets as my daughter, bless her, had changed my bed in an attempt to make me feel better….

As I hung out the bottom sheet I saw that the sun, shining through the cotton, was at least half missing!!!

An eclipse, what a surprise… just shows how poorly I’ve been .. I hadn’t realised it was happening today… right now… in front of my eyes!!!!

I fetched my mobile phone and a pair of sunglasses but it was really too bright to take a picture.. I hesitated, then thought I would take pictures anyway… if they were no good I could delete them and if they were only half good – well they would be for my eyes only and I would know what they were…


At this point the eclipse was almost done and there was just a smile shape showing at the bottom of the sun.


On this one I don’t know if you can see but the smile shape is in my trees, upside down, and is a luminous green!


Here we have the shape again with a red glow…


.And here, projected onto the garage roof

I know, because my son has explained it to me that this is caused by ‘lens flare’ – but I think the photos are really interesting – the picture of the sun doesn’t show that it was eclipsed yet the ‘lens flare’ shows it perfectly.

Well I was impressed anyway so I thought I would share them!!

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