Sad days and beautiful memories…

No excuses here for not posting – its been a dreadful few months..
Last October our beautiful Greyhound, Hippie, became ill. The vet diagnosed a brain tumour and we lost her.

She was ten years old and much loved…











Her favourite dog friendly beach..










Beautiful times…

And of course she needed the whole of the settee…











Then in November I had a car accident when another driver drove into the back of my car whilst I was stationary at an island. I am still having physiotherapy for damage to my hip and shoulder and have only just this week, been able to walk without using a stick. I seem to be taking forever to heal.


On New Years Day my lovely Whippet, Alfie, collapsed and lost the use of his back legs – he had an MRI scan and I was assured his chances of recovery were good. But on January 6th he spiked a very high temperature and became seriously ill very quickly. His little heart couldn’t take it and my little troublemaker passed away – he was just five years old….

My daughter and I remain completely devastated….











He liked his seaside days too…











And his pyjama days…

phone june 14 131











He didn’t mind sharing the settee with Hippie or his friend Teddy…















And sometimes we got to sit on it too..










Obviously the house is dreadfully quiet at the moment and I’ve nothing left to say except – have fun at the Rainbow Bridge my pups…

I have some amazing memories of you both.

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