Introducing Chase!

It was quiet.. too quiet …

I knew I had to have another furry friend, I have had pets for most of my life.

I researched all sorts of dog breeds and decided to look for a mixed breed dog, a cockapoo, hopefully a miniature size – not too small and definitely not too big.

And…. Although it would be difficult with me working, I wanted a puppy and not a ‘puppy farmed’ puppy like I had before. I spent too many years trying to change a badly socialized dog and right up to the end it didn’t work. I loved the little whippet but I couldn’t take him anywhere without him causing trouble.

So .. after a lot of searching I decided on a little black and white puppy. The first time I saw him he was just a few days old but he was the only one in a litter of 5 black pups that had some white fur to distinguish him from his siblings. He was the boy for me!!

I visited every week until the pups were 9 weeks old and then ~I brought him home…

Introducing Chase – my lovely Cockapoo born on January 4th 2016. My Grandson named him Chase after a police dog in one of his favourite TV programmes.



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