Happy Saturday!!!

And it is!!!

I travelled by coach to my son and daughter-in-law’s house yesterday – still not up to driving very far and am having a lovely time.

I was collected from the coach station last night and taken out for a meal then we went back to their house….

The last time I was here plans were afoot to blitz their back garden and it has now been thoroughly blitzed.

It used to have a lot (and I do mean a lot) of gravel with the occasional hole where a plant had been inserted and a large but very unstable eucalyptus tree near to the perimeter fence. I say unstable because high winds earlier in the year had caused it to bend over to one side – my son had had to use a block and tackle type mechanism to hold it upright.

But, after all Keiron and Emma’s hard work over the past few weeks the garden has been transformed:

swindon 003

The gravel has all gone and beautifully springy grass is in its place. The tree has been re-rooted and weighted down and has a wooden planter surround with seating areas – it really looks nice…..

swindon 003

Apparently a tree surgeon is booked who will come and remove the top of the tree and make it more stable from now on.

Behind the tree is a tiny but very useful raised bed with vegetables growing in it. Emma is very proud of her broccoli plants and the new potatoes and herbs that are growing there.

swindon 006

swindon 007
Nice potatoes Emma!

Opposite the vegetable patch is their new shed (Keiron always wanted his own shed didn’t you babe?)

swindon 004

There are stepping stones in the lawn that go back to the house..
swindon 003

Where the is a border and patio area and many colourful tubs of plants ..

swindon 008

See the little mole here – smiling for the photo…

swindon 010

It really looks lovely ..

swindon 009

Well I think I should get back to my weekend now so I just need to say…

moto 0700

Well done you two – it looks amazing and thank you for my weekend!!!!

A Time Travelling Party

Do you remember birthday parties when you were a child? Lots of presents and cards (if you were lucky). jelly, fizzy pop, sausage rolls and sandwiches? Going to bed with a tummy ache from drinking too much fizz. Those were the days eh?

And how things change or do they? I went to a birthday party a couple of weeks ago, the birthday boy was surrounded by his friends and they were all drinking fizz….

tony's birthday 003

The boys had all been friends for years and they had brought the photos to prove it! They raised a lot of laughs as they were passed around, the 70’s wallpaper in the background of each picture and the happy smiling faces in the foreground – then all the stories came out as each photo was discussed – they were all time travelling as they toasted another year for not just one, but three of them on the same day!!!!

tony's birthday 007

Happy Birthday Tony, Neil and Bruce!!!!

The girls looked on as the boys reminisced and it was a happy couple of hours spent with really nice people!

tony's birthday 005

Too soon, it ended and we went our separate ways. Tony (birthday boy 1) had been talking about the curry he was going to have that night, he was really looking forward to it.

I wouldn’t have mentioned the curry bit had I not seen him last night – his wife told me that although he had enjoyed every mouthful he could not remember eating it – too much fizz maybe?

tony's birthday 002

Many Happy Returns Tony!!!!