Little Bloggers Together!!!

I had a lovely day yesterday!

I have wanted to meet Jay from the Depp Effect from the moment we started chatting…… there was just something about her, not just the love of  greyhounds that we share but her view that there is something more to it than settling down to middle age without a fight.

Jay has discovered a whole new person in herself and after bringing up her family has become part of  happy group of Johnny Depp followers …. this has opened up her life and made her such a vibrant person – not that I knew her before but yesterday I saw a photograph of the person that she was five years ago. That lady is no longer there…. instead there is a lady whose eyes sparkle despite the pain she was in yesterday, she is lovely and so is her other half, who I have to say makes a mean sandwich!!!!!

There were also the Princess and Pirate in attendance and they have beautiful personalities too. Both of them greeted me and allowed me to fuss them, actually the Princess really doesn’t like the fussing to stop….

Jay's babies 008

and as for the Pirate well he just likes to watch from a distance and collect his fusses just because he’s gorgeous and not because he turns upside down!!!

Jay's babies 002

Isn’t he amazing?

Jay's babies 006

In fact aren’t they both amazing – and all this from someone who didn’t like dogs, and was very much a cat person until last year!

We only had a couple of hours together and the lady was in a great deal of pain – I do hope to meet up again in the not too distant future – there are some people you should keep in your life, particularly if they make you smile and I smiled a lot yesterday.

A  long while ago I heard a phrase that really hit home:-

‘I’d rather be selling bumper stickers than be somewhere wishing I was somewhere else!

I have lived my life that way for the last 15 years – I only go where I truly want to be …. I did that yesterday and I loved meeting the whole family! It was special – Thank you Jay and OH and your beautiful greys – I really enjoyed meeting you!

By the way – when I got home Hippie went ‘sniff crazy’ the accusing ‘where have you been’ looks were incredible. then came the sulks – look at that!!

Jay's babies 009

Ah well, maybe she can meet you next time!!!! x