Seven Weird Things about me!!!

I have been tagged by Jay over at the Deppeffect to write about seven weird facts about me – only seven – well, here goes:

1) I can’t plan for anything – I wasn’t always like it – years ago I’d got Christmas in the bag by October – but when my husband left I think I lost it, touble is it never came back. Oh I have tried but every time something stops it and it reverts back to only doing one day at a time – my son’s cancer, my partner’s stroke – even a planned walk on holiday once – I woke up on the morning and I could not put my foot to the floor – ended up at the hospital and on crutches. It lasted for two years. So no I’ll stick to one day – it irritates the hell out of people but its better than letting them down.

2) I am an original Hippy – my house is lit with pretty lights and candles, peace and love signs hang from the walls and even my car has flowers on it. It was the time of my life that I loved and I am happy that those feelings have not gone away. It also makes me a nice person, I look for the good in everybody – trouble is sometimes I’m easily let down.

3) I am learning to speak Spanish – not so weird you might think. But it probably is, because I can speak holiday Spanish with no problem, present tense conversations, food orders etc. ……. I am actually studying the language all tenses, past, preterit, future, et al. It is fascinating and I have worked so hard at it over the past four years that I don’t want to stop. I doubt I’ll ever use it all but hey it keeps my brain active!

4) I have a greyhound living in my home, my daughters so I guess that makes me a Grand-mama! And weirder than that she has her own website at www.mygreyhound

5) I love to dance on an empty dance floor – can’t help it I like to have the space – and it irritates when it all fills up and gets cramped.

6) I dye my hair deep red at the back and strawberry blonde at the front – weird? probably but its better than gray.

7) My idea of a chilled out day is spent in my kitchen converting piles of ingredients into tasty dishes for friends, freezer or just to eat!

The seven people I would like to share this with are:Keiron I probably know most of them but you’ve been living away from home for years now. Grandad, because I would like to know some more weird things about him. K8, just to see if any of them wore off on her. Moon – how weird are you? And Coastal Aussie- go on confess… Next English Mum another greyhound friend, and last but by no means least Jefferson Davis over there in America.

Apologies to everyone I tried linking but it just didn’t work!!!!!

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Watch out for your mother in law’s tongue!

Giant Metal Bird of Paradise
Creative Commons License photo credit: kimberlyfaye 


Look here and wonder what your plants are saying about you?

I shudder to think what my neglected bay tree has been saying to my last rose of summer – but it does make you realise – that people who talk to their plants have obviously got good hearing – they knew this was happening!!

Ooo eee Twitter Twitter – Tweet Tweet…

Derek Powazek on Twitter
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jacob Bøtter

Okay so I changed the words but it does make me think of the chirpy cheep cheep song.

I now have ‘Twitter’ on my system – another learning curve for my addled brain to deal with.

So far its all going well although it reminds me of some of the chat rooms watching people chat – sorry ‘Tweet’ to each other – some of the conversations look very disjointed like you are only seeing half of it (which you probably are) but when my name is at the beginning I know its for me and try to jump in quick so that my answer is not too far from the question – so to speak…

Confused yet? You will be –  I was challenged by my lovely son to find some people to follow – fortunately I saw some names I recognised and I’m happy to report that there are nice people twittering – including Grannymar – good to see that at least.

But I have already been the victim of a twitter maniac – wherever I go they find me – he must have been lurking around looking for newbie tweeters as victims – politely asking them to follow him then bombarding them with strange tweets. I HAVE BLOCKED HIM!!! He will not tweet at me again!

So in the last week I have found people, tweeted at them and had conversations with them on Twitter, blocked one and perused the bio’s of many.

I’m not sure where this is going but I will keep you posted!!

Tweet for now!!!