It’s just one of those nights!!!!

Hello, Good evening and welcome to the best and most musical dinner party ever!

The house is clean and fairylit (as usual), candles flicker making the atmosphere relaxed and perfumed.

The menu is simple but good:

We will be starting with a fruit sorbet to clear the palate, followed by chicken with lemon, lime and ginger, baby herby roast potatoes, mixed salad and freshly cooked bread with butter.

The sweet is home made apple pie with cream, followed by a cheese board and coffee.

And all washed down with a few gallons of Nuit St George.

The guests are starting to arrive – come and meet them with me….

Firstly its my lovely son, Keiron who got me into all this in the first place. Computers, email, blogging and of course this meme.

“Grab a glass of vino KP and enjoy!”

Next, oh look its John Lennon:

john lennon imagine4u2
Creative Commons License photo credit: joesolo

“Hi John, thanks for attending – no don’t thank me, all I’ll take in payment is you singing ‘Woman” for me and my guests.”

“Hi Denis – your little task will be to sing ‘Hearts like yours and mine’ for me and ‘Shine Son’ for Keiron”

Note to self – take valium quickly – you know what Denis Locorriere’s voice does to you.

Here we are – Mark Bolan and Justin Hayward have just turned up together – “Welcome boys – my requests are ‘Get it on’ and ‘Forever Autumn’ – grab a glass of wine and tune up your tonsils!”

“Barry McGuire – good to see you – it will be ‘Eve of Destruction’ from you babe – that song says it all.”

“Leo Sayer fantastic we’ll be ‘Dancing the night away later!’

“And last but by no means least – the first guest singer of the evening – it’s Jon Bon Jovi!!! – Take it away Jon – ‘It’s my life’ – it certainly is – and what an evening. ”

Bon Jovi 4Creative Commons License photo credit: audrey_sel

Must go and enjoy……

Oh but before I go

The Rules:

  1. Pick 8 people you’d like to invite to dinner, dead or alive or re-animated / resurrected.
  2. Say why?
  3. Link your answers back to Lottie
  4. Give credit to the people who tagged you – that would be EM and  Keiron and Tag three others – no I can’t they have already been tagged. Sorry…

Oh! who is that at the window peering through the glass wanting to come in? It’s Grandad Just back from France bless him! Sorry Grandad there’s no room – maybe next time

Meme: Dead Ringer for Love?

Gallery of the Greatest

Whilst spending time with family this weekend we were discussing who people look like, and Malcolm in the Middle. I first watched Malcolm in the Middle after watching Linward Boomer’s Biography on TV.

Malcolm in the Middle is based on Linward Boomer’s childhood, and all the characters he selected for the parts were specifically chosen to be like the people in his life.

Here’s my question to you, if you had to select celebrities/actors to play the parts in the story of your life today (including yourself!), who would it be and why – this can be based on looks or personality!

Me: Anne Robinson
Everyone said a poster of her reminded them of me! Not because of her temperament!!!

My Partner: Dennis Locorriere
He looks like him! Could have picked George Best, but he’s dead!

My Son: Donny Osmond
He looks like him, and hates it! The trouble is he can’t sing, otherwise he’d have a whole new career!

My Daughter: A Katie Holmes lookalike, with the temperament of the Incredible Hulk
She looks like her, but when pushed she could quite easily get nasty!

The Rules!

  1. List the people who would play you, and the key people in your life.
  2. Give credit to the person who tagged you.
  3. Link your answers to the original blog, that’s here (!
  4. Tag four new people to participate.

So, who is wise enough to play your life, or who is so downright annoying you want to stitch up publicly?

I’m tagging:

Grandad, English Mum, Kerryview, Keiron

Creative Commons License photo credit: eerkmans