A whole new room!!

When I bought this bungalow six years ago I loved the fact that it had a carport which was joined both sides (mine and my next door neighbours) and ran the whole length of the house until it joined with the garage at the back, thus making it like an extra room. I housed the freezer out there and had some seating, decorated it with fairy lights and it made a lovely big area to sit in the evening.

Trouble was it had plastic corrugated roofing and this started to leak until it eventually cracked up and blew away in the wind this summer.

I had always had a dream that I would put the hot tub in there with some nice wooden garden furniture but that dream was fast becoming a nightmare.

My partner decided he would build me a new carport and attach it as before but with a proper felted roof and has spent many a weekend doing just that. But this weekend it was finished and I could start to dress it up a bit.

Yesterday, while he was coating the roof with aluminium paint I cleaned out the hot tub. Then we moved it in along with other items of furniture and many of my trinkets purchased in Gran Canaria.

All 003

We filled the tub and set it to heat – it takes a day and a half!

All 002

I moved a wardrobe that my daughter had discarded and put necessities like dog food and wellies in it, then took the shelving that the dog food had been on and stocked it with the hot tub paraphernalia.

All 004

So now I need to clear the garage which has the freezer, my daughter’s woodlathe and my gardening stuff in, not to mention the tumble dryer but that can wait!

All 005

Tonight I have an appointment with a large glass of cold rose wine and some hot fragranced bubbles. I am not going to look in the direct of the garage and more hard work – in fact I just might close my eyes!!!

All 007

Note to self – make sure Max is in the house before removing the lid of the tub!!!