Jobsworth Strikes Again

parking ticket

I hope all the traffic wardens out there are enjoying their power trips. It takes a truly unique individual to take on this task and enjoy it – but they all seem to.

Perhaps they get brownie points from their boss for the amount of tickets they issue – but they don’t get any from me this week!

My daughter is a social care worker, this means she visits elderly and infirm clients and helps them to bathe, wash, dress, cook their meals and in some cases enjoy a little company for the short time she is there. The pay is dreadful for the hours and sheer love and effort she puts in, but, she gets a great deal of satisfaction from it all and, like I have said before I am very proud of her.

Last Thursday she pulled up outside the office of her company, on a little side street in a small village. No yellow lines and there was already another carer’s car parked there.

She intended to be there for only one minute, just to pick up her rota which was ready and waiting for her.

But when she went inside her manager informed her that someone had rung in sick and she needed her to take on some more calls. Her manager was writing them down as she spoke.

Then another member of staff informed my daughter that a traffic warden was taking photos of her car, my daughter rushed out and explained what she was doing and why she had been delayed – he couldn’t care less, just took more photos and issued a parking ticket – she had been there for five minutes!

He didn’t even look at the other car which had been there longer – he didn’t care that she was trying to look after people who are unable to care for themselves – few things make me really angry but this is one of them.

My daughter is challenging the ticket – it will probably get her nowhere and she will have to pay the extortionate fee that she can ill afford.

I agree that she has probably learnt a lesson and will not park there again – lets just hope that if ever that man gets ill and needs care he is not allocated to my daughter – he might get more than he bargained for!

A missive for the locals

Creative Commons License photo credit: g-hat

Here is a message for the people who think its great fun to go knocking on my door on October 31st begging for sweets or threatening retribution.

I am going out! My daughter is working until after 10p.m. There is nobody here…. and neither are our cars – so put the eggs away and leave my windows and doors alone.

There was a box by the door when I left – it contained out of date biscuits and chocolates that we don’t like – if there are any left – help yourself (if you like that sort of thing) If its empty or gone, then you are too late.

Go home and watch a horror film – scare yourselves and not sane people who just want a bit of peace….

Got the message, good!

Happy B******* Hallowe’en

Communication Problem Here!

I am one of those annoying people that like to get things ready before writing a post. Not the words you understand, I like to write as I would speak and I don’t think it works writing it all down and then copying it across to my blog sites.

So, imagine my frustration last night when I wanted to write a post for my canine site and was trying to get the photos from my mobile to my computer and it just wasn’t listening!!

Normally I just attach the little dongle thingie to my usb lead and plug the mobile in,  then a window opens and I can choose which photos I would like to insert.

No window opened and further investigation showed that either my mobile didn’t want to talk to my computer or vice versa. I tried again – nothing…. nada!

A few days ago Firefox performed an update – I didn’t ask it to – it just did it anyway and it informed me afterwards that Real Player would not be working – it said nothing about my mobile.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Answers on a comment please…..