Sunday dinner???? Make mine a pie!


It all started as a way to use up leftovers from Sunday dinner roast in a way that my family would be happy to eat.

I just layered all the leftovers in a pie dish – poured the gravy over and then put a shortcust top on it.

The trouble is – its too nice and nobody wants the roast dinner now they want to go straight to the pie! And the word is getting out – I am getting requests for pies.

So today I have made three the small one has already been baked and delivered to an elderly neighbour whose name begins with M of course and was last seen thoroughly enjoying every morsel.

All 002

One is for dinner for my daughter and I tonight…

All 003 with yorkshire puds of course..

 All 005

And one for tomorrow because my partner does not like missing out on these!!!

All 004

At last – canned tomatoes!!

We bought the jars last year ready to do some preserving in bottles but the tomatoes didn’t grow and the jars stayed in the cupboard.

This year, however we had loads and decided to ‘go for it’

All 086

First we dipped them into boiling water to loosen the skins.

All 085

Then we boiled them with tomato juice and garlic and herbs..

All 008

Then we packed them into very clean jars with lemon juice..All 006

All 007

Ready to put into the canner. Of course its really a huge pressure cooker but it can hold so many jars in one go that its preferable to using a small one and taking all day. Easily prepared by smearing a little petroleum jelly around the seals.

All 009

Then we loaded the jars in

All 010

First  layer..

All 011

then another one on top…

All 012

Until it was full!

All 013

Then on with the lid and get it up to 10lbs pressure

All 014

Note the easy to read dial!!!

All 015

After ten minutes at 10lbs they were ready and after the pressure had gone down it was time to get them out. Bit of  problem here – how do it without burning oneself?

Oh yes – get up higher – that helps..

All 018

And even then its all quite hazardous..

All 017

But it was all worth it and we have a stock of canned tomatoes – it probably cost much more than buying but at least there is the satisfaction of knowing they were our own home grown ones.

All 019

Fish in a bag? I don’t think so….

You know what its like – it gets to that time of year when your freezer has more ice than contents. you know you have to eat those strange things you don’t know why you bought, or, throw them away but that’s such a waste.

I’m fortunate, my daughter and I went through this a few months ago and now after a severe defrosting we actually have things we like in there, except the runner beans in my daughter’s case.

My partner, however is going through the final stages of clearing the freezer prior to blasting it with the hairdryer and making room for more goodies.

Last night he cooked a beautiful steak and kidney pud for me – it was delicious! But this morning he said that we would have to have fish in a bag this week as it was one of things that had to go. He made it sound horrible and I suppose it isn’t very enthralling at the best of times. I said I’d take the offending packet of four cod portions in parsley sauce and try to make them interesting for supper on Monday evening.

I’m hoping its worked but the proof of the pudding etc…….

I put the frozen blocks of fish in sauce in a dish and put a layer of broad beans, peas and sweetcorn over them. Then I mashed some potato with butter and cheese and forked it over the top, covered it with grated cheese and italian herbs and decorated with home grown tomato. It looks good doesn’t it?…….

All 001

I’ll let you know what it tastes like!!! But at least its not fish in a bag!!!!