Bread and Butter pud for EM

Well here it is English mum! Get your pinny on and prepare to feast!!

Ever since I learned to cook I have always liked making up my own recipes from Sunday Dinner Pie to Ginger and Citrus chicken. My partner and my children love the culinary delights that come from my penchant for using up leftovers.

The other day I came across three slices of brown bread in a bag – obviously not going to be used as the new loaf had already been opened.

I decided to knock up a bread and butter pud – it was delicious – so delicious it was eaten before I got to take a photo – and here by request is the recipe:-

3 large slices of bread, buttered and spread with lime marmalade

2 tablespoons of sugar

Handful of sultanas

2 eggs

few drops of vanilla essence

half a pint of skimmed milk (or full cream or semi)

Grease a pie dish well – or in my case line it with non stick foil (what a great invention)

Cut the bread into pieces and arrange in layers in the dish. Each layer is sprinkled with a little sugar and some sultanas.

Mix the eggs,milk and essence together and pour carefully over the layered bread.

Most people cook it straight away but I left mine to soak for a while.

Cook at 180 degrees for 45 minutes – if its a fan oven shorten the time

The result – a lovely, light and tangy pud with a crusty sugared top!