The End of an Era!

My maternal Grandparents had seven children, six boys and a girl all born between 1910 and 1923. My Grandfather served in both the first and second World Wars and five of his sons also served their country in World War 2.

The eldest boy, Walter was disabled and died at an early age but the other children : Victor, Charles, George, Fred, Vera Daisy (my lovely Mum) and Ralph had a happy childhood growing up in a small Leicestershire village.

I make no excuses for the quality of the photos in this post and trust you will understand:

lardner 003

This is an early snap of some of them – Uncle George at the top my Mum in the middle, Uncle Charlie on the left, Uncle Vic on the right and Uncle Fred is the baby. As you can see my Mum did not want to be on the photo….

Here is is though looking gorgeous age five..

lardner 006

And again with Uncle Fred wearing some more of the lovely clothes my Grandma made for her only girl,,,,

lardner 004


She always hated her curly hair!!!!

Sadly all the family have passed away and I am left with many photos and lovely memories of them all.

The last one – my Uncle George passed away last week and the funeral will be held on Monday. He was 95 years old and a lovely man.

This post is just a requiem for the whole family and a special hug for Uncle George.

lardner 001

He was the last of his line and a superstar!!!

Thank you


Iramble has been given a new look thanks to my lovely son – it is now looking very smart and very pink!

This was part of my mothers day present and I think its lovely.

I remember a conversation between my son and I many years ago when he asked me what I thought about him spending £10 a month on setting up a webhosting company. At the time I was concerned that my impoverished software engineer student was taking a risk – but this risk has paid off. was born and is still growing, not only with webhosting and reseller packages, but web design, content writing and full support including a back-up service and all still at easy prices.

Well done Keiron and thank you for my facelift!!!!!


The Book – or Dear Mum from you to me!!!

Way back in August – my son gave me a book, it was a hardback with pages full of questions about my life. I was asked to complete it and give it back to him as a Christmas present. What a lovely idea I thought and chose a special pen which would be used for every single entry so that they were all the same colour and style.

It started well, I found myself time travelling through my life, writing about my Mum and Dad, then through my school years and teens. My music memories and of course when I met my husband.

I then realised that my words would not be enough and started to look for photographs that would illustrate the text. That is when it became a marathon – so many questions and so little time. My father had taken photo slides when I was a kid and I was hoping to get some of the pictures from them – especially the ones of my Irish cousins and childhood holidays back ‘home’. But sadly these were not ready in time.

Then there were the early photos of me and my husband to be – I realised my son may never have seen these photos and as his Dad had died some years back – would never see or hear about our ‘courting days’. So I climbed up to the high cupboard again to drag yet more of my photo albums out into the light of day – yes there were some of Ireland, many of me as a baby, through to my teen years and right up to our wedding day.

I managed to match a lot of them up to the answers I had written and stuck in a few fun ones to illustrate some of the madness from when my son was young.

The book became thicker and more dog-eared as i travelled through my journey – but at last, in the week before Christmas it was almost complete! the pen had run out of ink long ago and the text was in many colours but hey! I got there!

A few questions remained unanswered: one of them ‘What would you like your epitaph to say?’ – I left for a later date…… and some of the others need photos that I haven’t found yet.

But – my boy unwrapped it along with his other presents and he and his wife sat looking through my life…. there were tears and smiles and hugs – it was wonderful.

I have a feeling this book will be shown to generations of my family – yes, its started already – my son and daughter in law are expecting their first baby in May this year!!!

I do recommend giving this to a family member to complete but in some ways I feel for the recipient!!!!

I’ve added the description below – just in case anyone else wants to buy it – but if you want it back for Christmas – give it now so there’s plenty of time!!!


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