What an Experience!

My daughter and I had an ‘experience day’ present for Christmas last year – it was a pet photo shoot for our lovely greyhound ‘Hippie’!

Read all about her here !

And here she is:


Always photogenic and never ever camera shy.

Its been a busy year, my girl and her dog moved out into their own home in March and the photo shoot was almost forgotten.

But, just before the voucher expired I made the booking.

Considering this was a gift – it was quite a surprise to find that I needed to pay a £20 deposit. This was to be refunded to me if I didn’t use it towards purchasing extra photos –although we would get one 10 x 8 “ free.

The chosen photographer was quite a long way away  (apparently they don’t have local ones) but they did say they were used to photographing pets and had toys and treats to get the animals attention and capture the best shot.

Sadly when my daughter and Hippie arrived there were no toys or treats, and Hippie was nervous of her surroundings. My daughter hadn’t taken anything, believing that these people would have, at least, the basics like a bowl of water and a squeaky toy.

They had nothing and Hippie was panting and not ready for this event.

But still it went ahead – the photographer suggested grey backdrops to show off Hippie’s colouring but my daughter wanted fun shots so she chose pink.

Many photos later – they left for home and yesterday we went back to view the photos.

We were shown them on a big screen in a darkened room with soft music playing… how nice!

But – the photos were just hilarious, Hippie at her best, turning her back or her head – or running off – there was even one of her rear end as she ran away. My daughter and I were helpless with laughter as we tried to narrow down our choice for the free photo.

Eventually we got it down to 5 – and went through them again – my daughter chose one of the ones with the pink background and 
I was told if Iwanted one my £20 deposit plus another £10 would secure me a 7 x 5 print.

Yes – it was a rip off but there was one photo that I loved …

October 2nd 005

– possibly not the best but I  do miss Hippie around the house and I love the look on her face!

It was hard to get a photo of the pink background one…

October 2nd 006

but you can get some idea from this…..

Before leaving for this expedition I had left Alfie with my friend …..

October 2nd 003

He had been quite happy to go and play with his friend Buddy.

When I got back my friend looked worn out – Alfie had been into everything and wouldn’t listen – I think she was glad to see the back of him and I don’t blame her – he is hard work.

We got home and he went to sleep for the afternoon….. bliss!

October 2nd 002

But later he threw his dummy out of the pram ..

October 2nd 008

Do you think he wants a photo shoot too??????

What a weekend!

I don’t know why I am surprised…. every weekend is the same at the moment.


It is either spent repairing the things that the puppy has destroyed, or puppy proofing my home a little more in an attempt to stop the destruction caused by the chewing and scratching of my six month Whippet.

Last weekend my son and daughter in law came to stay and, bless them they spent their weekend repairing chewed flexes (fortunately switched off when Alfie chewed through them) or putting hooks high up on the ceiling of my garage to stop him reaching them.

The garage has always been fascinating to this little pup – he likes to investigate in there and usually this culminates in him chewing at the walls until he can get some mortar from between the brickwork, or worse, pulling at the flex of my freezer. None of it is good for him (or me).

Last week was no exception – if he couldn’t reach things like the mop bucket because it was hanging from the ceiling he would look for other things to do – like pull at the wood pile – ready chopped for the chimnea, it was puppy mayhem!

The garage is at the end of my carport and there has always been an up and over door to it but I have never used it – until now…

All 005

It took three of us to move the hot tub the few inches it needed to bring the door down….. sorted you would think but no, it was filthy and after it was washed off – I discovered it was a nasty red colour… it just had to go.


I sorted through the collection of old pots of paint and then spent my weekend painting garage door in between dog walks and short trips in the car to try to stop his puppy affliction of car sickness and aversion to cars in general.

The result is amazing – it doesn’t look half bad at all..

august 21 003 

And Alfie just had to have a sniff – of course… note the paint spot on his nose!

august 21 004 

In between charging around his ‘safe areas’ namely the kitchen and the garden… playing with his toys..

august 21 002

Scratching at the tray in his crate until it broke into little pieces…

august 21 001

I have two more on order and a friend who is constructing a metal one.

I have swept the kitchen floor more times than I care to think of, clearing it of the stuffing from his toys…

august 21 005

august 21 006

august 21 007

And I am now getting ready to start another week at work …. at least I’ll be sitting down!!!!!


So – it’s been a while since I posted here but in the mayhem of my life I’ve managed a small visit here while the puppy is asleep!!!

It’s been almost three months since I fetched Alfie from the breeder, who, by the way, i wouldn’t recommend….

The little bundle of fur has grown a great deal since his arrival…

july 10 001

Ah… wasn’t he sweet!!

He has also become an excitable ball of destruction in many ways.. he can remove artex from walls, something many builders have said was impossible…. dig up carpets, particularly in the hall – and that one was replaced after Hippie dug it up two years ago… the timer buttons for my cooker now reside in a pretty little glass jar because he removed them so regularly.

He has spent one day in hospital after eating a whole biro, chewing it into little shards before swallowing it, demolished any toy within minutes when unsuspecting friends supply them, and grown enough to reach the worktops!!! This the time the supersoaker water pistol comes into play and I am afraid ‘puppy power’ goes out of the window…. he is learning..

His dog guard for my car has finally been fitted – despite the problems with the first one that just did not fit. Thank you Halfords and particularly Joe for all your help in supplying and fitting one that works – fitted to the headrests on the back seats – it hold him back completely!!!!


july 10 002

However, he gets horribly travel sick and despite all my good intentions, if its a long trip he has to be sedated and travel in his crate on the back seat to get to our destination….. he can’t even get to the vets in the village without being sick!


But, with an enormous amount of patience he is coming through – and even ‘left’ a treat on his paw four 5 seconds this morning, he sits on command and waits to cross a road….. it is all coming but it takes time!!

We have long walks – sometimes with my daughter..

july 10 003

While ‘our’ big girl gets jealous….

july 10 004

and sometimes, just the two of us, but we meet amazing people with their pooches and that is great!

He has also eaten most of these Livingstone Daisies in my garden that looked so lovely when the sun shone..

july 10 006


But he tells me he is sorry?

july 10 007

And that he loves me…..

july 10 009

And of course I believe him (!?)


I have also, despite the odds, finished making a ‘hug me tight’ for my friend’s expected grandchild – the pattern was one my mum made for my elder sister and obviously my brother and then me – so called because the knitted garment just wraps around the babe and ties at the sides with no awkward sleeve issues.. I like it – and so would Alfie if he could get his paws on it…. No way!!

july 10 010

Oooh and at last i have found the perfect shower curtain to suit my bathroom….. Hooray for Ebay!!

july 10 008

Sorry Cortes – I know its boring girlie stuff but sometimes it just has to be done!!!

Keep Smiling!!!