Thought Provoking Stuff!

I read a post by Grandad yesterday which was about the lack of interesting blogs out there. I think its quite a shame that we all put our thoughts out onto the internet only to read that it is not interesting to some – even though it may be to others – confidence knocking stuff maybe? Who knows?

I started writing on a review website many years ago and was paid for my thoughts on films, books, shampoos, shower gel, electrical items etc. There was also a place on this site for free writing – obviously unpaid but it was possible to build up a network of ‘virtual friends’ by reading and commenting on each others free writing. I enjoyed this for a while but became aware that some of the members would join together to get people to leave, not for any reason other than they thought it was fun. I left – although all my reviews still sit there and I still get comments and payments from them.

My first blogsite was much the same – a mixture of reviews, poems, life, and the universe but I really could see that it didn’t work (for me) like that and began to change.

I still have that site and will use it for reviews because I feel they have no place here unless its because they have historical interest 🙂

The two sites that I show my real face on are the ones you already know, this one and the one for our girl. The dog one is about Hippie and little else, it has its own little following of other greyhound owners and I find their interest very comforting when there is a problem with the dog, as much as I find their giggles wonderful when I blog about the silly things she does.

This site is for my rants and rambles about the world in all its glory plus little snippets of fun and the occasional meme (I’m still trying to get my head around those).

My review site remains the same but needs modernising a little – a project for the future, and the last one is purely for my diary on a medical condition I have with my hands and arms – it gets a lot of ‘hits’ – a lot of people suffer from this.

I think to some extent I have separated the sites on purpose to avoid boring some and entertaining others all on one site, but also because I know when I go through my reader there are always posts there that I cannot relate to in any way, they are techie and over my head, or political and I’m not one for politics. I may read them but they leave me cold and I have nothing to say.

So, to finish, I agree with my bewhiskered friend that there maybe no good blogs out there but maybe that is because the community put them off, or they ran out of things to say, or they tried to mix their content unsuccessfully.

Whatever the reason I believe that we are still in the early days (realistically) of weblogs and like all things they will grow, outlive their usefulness and die – to be replaced by a newer shinier model.

Its just another whirl on life’s carousel!