Well it has been a few weeks since Alfie visited the behaviour centre and we have been working hard together to make him feel like a true member of our pack.

He has learnt not to dash ahead when we walk from room to room – although sometimes he needs a little reminder…

He will now ‘Stay’ when told – and providing I don’t take my eyes off him I can get quite a distance from him….. then the mad dash on the command ‘Ok’

He is getting so much better at not rushing to the door when someone knocks but we need a lot more work here…

He walks quite nicely on his Gencon lead – and doesn’t pull when we go out for walks….


he sees another dog, real or garden ornament variety – or a cat – or a bird…… then he goes ballistic, barking and lunging – its really quite a traumatic experience for both of us and quite spoils a walk.

So we are going for short, successful strolls and doing more training.

The aim is for him to listen and look at me on command when we are out…. this will probably take some time but I am determined!

Alfie is just dog tired…….

31-8-12 008

Alfie’s behaviour review!!!!


july 10 009

Well, it was bound to happen, Alfie’s crazy behaviour around other dogs whilst out on his lead had just become altogether too much!

Professional help was required as I was running out of ideas – and most of the time he didn’t listen to me anyway…..

I searched the internet and emailed a few companies who professed the ability to help me. Two companies answered my email very quickly and one of them was quite close to home. I explained my problem and an appointment was made for 10.00 a.m. this morning.

The ladies at AMK9 were very interested in Alfie and his behaviour, they took him into an enclosed field on a long lead and observed his behaviour, as other dogs were brought out on leads and taken past young Alf on route to the next field for their ‘doggy day care’ exercise.

An hour later I came away with one tired dog and lots of information on how to help my lad to take his proper place in society, he needs to learn that I don’t need to be protected from every dog he sees and that he doesn’t need to ‘see them off’ whilst trembling like a leaf inside!!!

I think we have a lot of work to do but I am confidant that when we go back to AMK9 Alfie will be a lot less stressed and more able to cope with other dogs….

Watch this space!

Marina Dogs!!

My job at the marina is lots of fun!

The people are happy holidaymakers and it makes for pleasant, busy working days now that the floods have subsided and the locks are open again.

High on the list of sales this week has been doggy lifejackets. The last four sales have been made to hound owners (whippet and greyhound) as these dogs are not good in water – no ballast to keep them upright if they fall of the end of the narrowboat!

Dogs and stuff 001

This is Jassy – she’s a 3 year old whippet and she lives on a narrowboat – her owners are cruising the waterways. She had already fallen in once and her owners found it very difficult to get her out with only a collar to grab…. her new lifejacket has a handle on the back – just right to get the boathook through and haul her back on board.

Dogs and stuff 003

This young lady’s owners have recently bought a boat and thought it vital to ensure their pet’s safety near the water….

Dogs and stuff 002

Very smart too …… but she also brought her friends along

Dogs and stuff 004

And as they were going ‘up river’ they too needed pet lifejackets…

It was quite manic with the three of them around – especially this one…

Dogs and stuff 005

Name of Louie – he had to be taken outside to calm down.

Dogs and stuff 009

While these two just watched with interest from the doorway….

And outside one of our regular visitors …

Dogs and stuff 010

This is Bongo – he lives on a boat and can’t see what all the fuss is about, but, then again HE can swim!!!!