A Garden Makeover!

One of the biggest attractions for me when I bought this house was the fact that it had no garden. Blocked paved at the front, continued all through the car port area at the side then a large sand-stoned slab area at the back. I already had problems with both wrists and really didn’t want to be gardening – a few pots full of pretty flowers, I thought I could handle that.

I succumbed quite early to building a raised bed in one corner, well it wasn’t too much to deal with and it meant I could fill it with bulbs and shrubs.

garden 005 

And they all survived – not bad for me as I have never been really good with plants.

garden 003

The problems with drainage started this year really after the ‘proper’ roof was fitted to the carport area and any rain ran down this new roof, onto the garage roof then poured down the back of the garage into an ineffectual soakaway.

All 005

It looked okay from the inside until I discovered a pool of water coming up through the garage floor – that was when I really started to look at how the whole area had been created….

All the other gardens are raised or tiered at the back – so that they are level with the road beyond the property, but the previous owner of my bungalow had dug out all the soil down to the clay bed to make the area flat enough to lay slabs. this meant that the road at the back of my garden and the garage at the side are a good two feet higher than my garden. It also meant that any water getting into the back garden could not drain away – the clay was too dense. The previous owner had also put concrete collars around the drains so rainwater couldn’t get out that way either.


After much thought I decided to take the slabs up at the side of the garage, dig down two spade depths into the clay, and fill the whole area with hardcore and gravel – this would help to soak some of the water away and as Hippie likes to use a gravelled area as her toilet (liquid only, readers) – it would make it easy to keep clean.

garden and others 062

And Hippie approved too!

Once this was done there seemed little point in keeping the rest of it slabbed so decided to go all out for drainage and have a small area next to the raised bed dug out and filled with topsoil for the rest of my potted shrubs and trees, then another 48 slabs were to come up and turf the area at the end of the garden.

I ordered all the materials and my daughter and her boyfriend completed the gravelled area and made headway into getting the garden area dug out. My son had arranged to come up and help but we knew it was too much to tackle in one weekend so my girl did me proud working on the project whenever she could.

garden and others 063

And of course, like all greyhound’s Hippie just had to join in.

Then last weekend my son came up as arranged – and the three of them got on with it – they started on the Friday night in the pouring rain and the dark..

garden and others 077

It was really late when they finished and they were so wet

garden and others 081


But – they shifted two tons of soil and took up countless slabs ready to lay the turf the next morning.

It was hot showers, large glasses of wine and a takeaway that night – ready to start again the next morning.


And they did, they shifted sand from underneath where the slabs had been and dressed the area with soil – I pottered round them all painting the wall round the edge of the garden and sweeping all the residue soil away. the sun shone thank goodness and bless them – they worked all day.

garden and others 082

I couldn’t believe how it was suddenly coming together, that turf went down easier than laying a carpet.

garden and others 083

My daughters boyfriend knew how depressed I had been about all this and kept giving me hugs and thumbs up’s (see above) he knew it would be nice when it was done!

I went off and got dinner sorted – the very least I could do in the circumstances – but I kept a watchful eye on them…

garden and others 084

And suddenly – it was finished..

garden and others 086

Cleared of rubble and looking amazing – time to celebrate!!

garden and others 085

And lets not forget the night view as anyone who knows me will also know my love of fairy lights so having painted the side of the garage, the lights went up!

garden and others 091

Very pretty!!

What a weekend!! It was big thanks all round to my wonderful kids – my son stayed until Sunday afternoon and sorted out some of the electrical nightmares that this house has – he says he’s coming back to do a wiring job but then again he has seen the wiring in the loft – I’m not allowed up there!!!

And now – I am diligently watering the turf daily, and keeping Hippie off it – though she keeps looking longingly at it… trouble is she could rip it all up in 5 seconds flat – so its no go area for quite some time.

One girl and her dog

Thank you to Jay at the Depp Effect for this meme…. Find the fourth photo in your picture folders and explain it’, she said!!

So I have… and yes I am just as disorganised with my pictures as everybody else!!

But here it is:



Many of you will already know about Hippie and her dog blog which is featured on the right of this blog, and the ones who have read the early chapters will know how out of control this beautiful creature was when she came to stay.

But after the initial mayhem she became quite easy to train and here is an early shot of a ‘sit’ and ‘shake a paw’ moment.

These animals are so beautiful and intelligent and it should be remembered when adopting a retired greyhound that:

They have never lived in a house before….

And… they can learn so much given time, love and a lot of patience.

Believe me – they make it all so worthwhile!

So I have to pass it forward with the same message……

I have to choose … Baino – cos her photography is something else, Daddy Papersurfer … go on lets see your 4th photo …… and Don’t Bug Me …..for the penguins and other stories

Find the fourth photo in your picture folders and explain it!!!!

True Love

This would normally be one for my dog blog but maybe my readers here  can help us find a solution.

Our three year old greyhound suffers from separation anxiety, so much so that if we leave her loose in the house for any length of time she destroys things….. lots of things…. things like carpets and shoes etc.

She has an indoor kennel which she loves (thank goodness) , it looks like a play pen with her duvet and stuffed toys delicately placed (by her) inside. Normally we can shut her in her kennel with a radio on for short periods during the day.

During the heat wave last week we decided to move her kennel outside into the carport, so that she could have the run of the garden but still have the safety of her playpen if she chose.

Hippie was only left for an hour and the neighbours were complaining because of the howling and barking, add to that she had destroyed anything she could find out there and, worse than that, she was distressed…

So, we have had to bring everything back indoors and still have the problem… she only does this (I am told) because she loves us and wants to find us …..

july 1 002

Has anyone got any more ideas on how to help her?

july 1 001