Check Out your Check in!

I recently made an online booking for an all inclusive holiday to Tenerife.

I did this last year and spent a lovely week in the hotel in Callao Salvaje, a really nice seaside place where it is not as touristy and manic as many resorts on Tenerife, and as my brother and his young family live close by – it gave my daughter and I quality time with them.

The downside last year was that the holiday included ‘budget flights’ and Ryanair were at their worst. My daughter and I couldn’t sit together and flight personnel were quite rude. I vowed then not to use them again. But booking this latest holiday changed that because my holiday provider chose Ryanair as the carrier.

SO – after discussions with my son during my stay with him this weekend, I decided to upgrade my flights to have ‘priority boarding’ – not expensive, and it gives us a chance of sitting together.

Whilst doing this my son checked the rest of the booking and discovered that we had no baggage allowance booked. We were supposed to go for one week with just hand baggage!

I rang the holiday provider, they said that was correct and to check my tickets as it was down to the airline to work that out – they only booked the flights and hotel!

I have now revised my booking to include priority boarding both ways, 15k baggage allowance for two, both ways and now because we have baggage we have to check in ….. guess what? Yes its another payment, both ways. A total of £65 on top of what I have already paid!

But, worse than all of this would be the embarrassment of arriving at East Midlands Airport and being told that I couldn’t take my case!

So, warning to you – check out your check in allowance very carefully – it may not be what you thought it would be…..

yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!!!

Ever since I have been going to Gran Canaria I have enjoyed a drink of Arehucas and coke – it’s their local rum, distilled on the island and when I first drank it I renamed it Christmas in a glass!!!

I don’t like rum normally – not the smell nor the taste but this tastes nothing like like ‘normal’ rum to me and it doesn’t give me a headache -which on this holiday was perhaps as well!

My friends came away with us and spent a lot of time touring the island but the trip to the distillery was the one I wanted to attend.

Gran Canaria is such a small island and you would not believe it could manufacture thousands of litres of rum but it can and does.

The distillery is hidden away in the small town of Arucas in the north of the island. There are no sign posts to direct the thirsty traveller – you have to be very determined, and we were….

We were guided by the sight of a tall chimney with the letters AREHUCAS painted in white down the brickwork.

bahia blanca 032

The factory was first opened in 1884 and the first part of the tour takes you to the cellars, full of oak casks, each one is signed by important people who come to the distillery. We were then shown a small part of the process involved in the production of the spirits made there, and then we were taken to a large room with a bar where bottles of spirits had been placed along with little ‘shot’ glasses.

The ‘barman’ explained that some of the rums were quite old but the one normally used was only three years old. However, rum is not the only spirit distilled there – there was gin, vodka, curacao, and lots of flavoured rums including honey, coffee and almond. Then he told us to help ourselves!

It was fantastic, trying them all and by the time I’d finished, having gone without breakfast, I was decidedly squiffy. The shop was the next stage of the tour and it was great – 3 euros for the small bottles and 8 for the large! We made our purchases and left.

It was only when we got outside that the giggles started – I’m glad I was with friends – here’s one of them…

bahia blanca 010

clutching his purchases and then there was me but i took mine out of the bag to pose….

bahia blanca 011

and i didn’t drop it!!!

I even managed to bring them home without drinking them – mind you we bought some for drinking too!!!

bahia blanca 033

All in all – a fun visit and no hangover – roll on next time!!!

Hippies goes Caravanning!!

This weekend we took Hippie to a little place near Newark. It was her first caravan holiday and for a moment there, at the beginning I thought it was going to be her last.

When we first got there she careered up and down the van like a nutcase and eventually I put her bed on the bunk where we normally have the table and insisted she stayed there, then when we had set up we took her for a long run by the River Trent – she loved it, off the lead and running free.

But then, as the site was next to a pub we decided to go for a pint and she decided to play up. She at next to us and howled, when that didn’t work she whinged. People fussed her but she was not going to stop – it was sooo embarrassing. We went back to the van but by then she was sulking, I made her dinner but she sulked some more and left the lot – just lay on her bed and didn’t want to know us.

hippies caravan holiday 001

We covered her up and let her get on with it….

Saturday morning she got up and had her weetabix then joined my partner in bed for a big fuss. She appeared to have gotten over her mood..

hippies caravan holiday 002

In fact she was quite enjoying it ..

hippies caravan holiday 004

While breakfast was cooking we took her along by the river again,she ran and ran

hippies caravan holiday 005

And just occasionally did a bit of investigating!

hippies caravan holiday 006

Then after a huge breakfast for us my partner dosed for an hour on the sofa on one side of the van and Hippie was stretched out on the other.

hippies caravan holiday 007

There was no room for me so I sat on her bunk and did my Spanish homework..

hippies caravan holiday 008

Later we risked the pub again and this time after a bit of whining she actually settled…

hippies caravan holiday 009

Flaked out on the floor being fussed by two very pretty young ladies – here they are:

hippies caravan holiday 010

– she was quite happy and we actually were able to chat- it was bliss!

Then we took her for another run but she didn’t want to go far this time. I thought she would really be hungry after missing her dinner the night before but she only ate a little bit then just had to lie down

hippies caravan holiday 011

This was serious couch potato stuff

hippies caravan holiday 017

hippies caravan holiday 018

Destined to go on for a long time

hippies caravan holiday 019

The howling wind and pouring rain outside didn’t disturb her..

hippies caravan holiday 020

She was tired out!

hippies caravan holiday 023


hippies caravan holiday 024

She only moved off long enough for us to make the bed up and then got back on and slept all night with us.

This morning we got ready to come back and she was still chilled out…

She’s been back home for five hours now and is still sleeping – I am sure that very soon now she will be full of beans and chasing around the house carrying one of her teddies – its time to hand her back to my daughter!!!!!