The Power of ‘The Blog’!

For many years I dealt with customer complaints, customers would ring me or turn up at my place of work and I would listen to them ranting about their purchase (cars – a very emotive subject), it never did me any harm. BUT it did teach me the right way to complain should the need arise.

If I have to complain about anything I do it so nicely people usually thank me for bringing the matter to their attention, it works and nobody needs to rant.

Yesterday I decided I had had enough of a mascara that I had purchased. Black, volumising and waterproof, if you believe the label.

The reality was that it was black, runny and went everywhere but my eyelashes. I gave up and went to the company website to search for an address to send it back to.

The website was very pretty, full of glamorous ladies, just as it should be – but there was no address….

There was, however, a ‘contact us’ form, I decided to go for that and ask for an address…

I filled in my contact details but the next field really surprised me:

‘Are you a blogger?’

Mmmm I’ve been called that before so ‘Yes’

Next question:

‘Will you be reviewing the outcome of this on your weblog?’

I was given choices – ‘no’, ‘maybe’ ‘probably’ or ‘definitely’

I chose the latter – I had not thought of it before, but, depending on the outcome, I might just have to iRamble about it.

I filled in the free comments box, telling the company about my problem and clicked the send button.

I thought I might have received an email or phone call just to let me know they had received my complaint, but, strangely enough I have heard nothing yet!

Now, why is that I wonder?

Is it because I might blog about it? Or do they really not care about their customers? Or, maybe they get so many complaints they haven’t got round to mine yet?

OR, and I like to think this might be the reason – my complaint has been passed to a higher bod who deals with bloggers and the fact that they might tell the world wide web about their experience? See, that is power!!!!

Sadly, the reality is the website may have had a problem and they didn’t receive my request – I’ll try again today!

purple glitter eye using ben nye, m.a.c. and urban decay
Creative Commons License photo credit: dreamglow