It all starts here!!!!

It’s true – I do ramble. I write short stories, the odd poem, reviews and letters of complaint! I like rambling and now I have the perfect place to do it!!!

But what shall I ramble about on here? Life? Probably the best thing – after all its the one thing we all have in common and we all moan about its vagaries at times – yes I think that there will be a few posts about life in general and the way it treats me in particular.

Work? Now there’s a subject – and one which I have many a rant (sorry ramble) to make. I feel there will be many posts on this.

People? Oh yes, I meet some of the strangest and some of the nicest people and this may be the place to discuss them, protecting the names of the innocent of course.

I might add a short story at times just for added interest, and, maybe a few photographs.

How great is this? My own place to share my views!!!

Watch this space!!!