What a lovely surprise!

It’s been another busy week.

One of my colleagues at work got engaged and asked me to make a cake for her party, here it is during the making stage:

Grace 004

just before I added colour to the names piped on the top and wrapped the ribbon round….. no
I didn’t get a photo of the finished article as it was whisked away just as I added the ribbon…. But, I did try a piece at the party and it tasted really nice!

Grace, our new rescue greyhound neighbour called in for a visit while Hippie was here and for a while it was mayhem with long dogs everywhere – none of them stood still long enough for a picture – well apart from Hippie that is:

Grace 001

but even that was fleeting!!

Alfie thought it was great fun having visitors and after a moment standing and looking at the two girls:

Grace 002

…… he played chase for quite some time…. and they tore up most of my lawn!

Here is Grace with Hippie – a rare quiet moment……

Grace 003

And here is Grace’s finished knitted coat…..

Grace 007

I can’t wait to see her wearing it!

And the surprise? Well – Grace’s owner said she would make me a collage painting of Alfie, Max and Hippie because I wouldn’t take payment for the coat.

Just look at this…..

Grace 006

It is beautiful – I am so pleased with it – they are all captured perfectly and no photo will do it justice but I just had to share…

4 thoughts on “What a lovely surprise!”

  1. I guess we each have our talents, you with wedding cakes and poochie coats, and your neighbour with paints. You both did a remarkable job!

  2. Hi Kate . . we’ve been looking at wedding cakes for Adam and Amy and the one they like will cost $700! Trust me, it aint that elaborate, you should start a side business methinks!

  3. Wow – what a lovely piece of artwork! And the coat looks splendid! You are both very talented.

    It’s a shame you couldn’t get a picture of the finished cake, but it looks pretty darned good!

  4. How fantastic to have that painting of your pets. I know you will treasure it. I have a beautiful painting of my 2 long deseased Siamese cats that I treasure painted by a friend.

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