Do, do, do, do -you remember?

Radio, Radio
Creative Commons License photo credit: urbanwoodchuck

Ah isn’t the memory a wonderful thing?

On Tuesday evening my partner and I went to the cinema. This is itself is a bit of an occasion because, to be very frank, there are few new films that we actually want to see.

But ‘The Boat That Rocked’ grabbed our attention, particularly because I had heard Tony Blackburn talking about it on Smooth Radio after he had been to see it.

Pirate radio was a fun, secret pastime for me as a youngster at the time. My little transistor radio would be safely hidden under my pillow until I went to bed, then I could listen to all the ‘new’ music without my parents knowing (?).

For my partner, who is 3 years older than me – it was about meeting his mates and gathering round the radio for some illicit cider drinking and enjoyment of the music.

The film portrayed both of these listening groups and more as it romped through the tale of ‘Radio Rock’, a fictitious pirate radio station, out at sea off the coast of England. It showed the government officials in meetings where they decided that if there wasn’t a law to stop the masses enjoying this pastime, then they would create one. So, nothing’s changed there then!

The music, although it was only excerpts of songs, was fantastic. The clothes were amazing and although the story line was far from real it was a fun packed, laugh out loud film, greatly enjoyed by both of us.

We were still talking about it today ….. and they say that nostalgia’s not what it used to be!!!!!!

For Lorna
Creative Commons License photo credit: Son of Groucho

Sunday madness – greyhound style!

Sunday morning and the day before we were both due to go back to work. I decided to make pastry and mince pies for the freezer. Of course Hippie jumped up but only twice and after two squirts from my water spray just lay on the floor and watched me cook, moving out of my way as and when necessary. Success – but short lived.


Later that day we tied all the doors together, put the radio on for company and went out for two hours.


When we got back she had bitten through the flex on the lamp in the hall, urinated and defecated on the carpet then tried to dig the carpet up to get into my daughter’s bedroom. We cleaned it up, threw out the lamp and panicked about what might happen the next day. Separation anxiety? I think we found out what it can mean…. but, there was worse to come…..